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My Womb Rant

My Womb Rant

I’m standing my Womb is standing
My yoni
My Pussy
My Yoni is up in the sky where a universe exist
My skyward journey of my womb has past cries of rape and power lost
When I scream and pull at my hair my Womb is crying
My womb speaks of my African women in bondage
Fight Womb fight
Of generations of womb suffering by my ancestors
Fight Womb Fight
Of my Mothers Womb and her Mothers
Fight Womb Fight
For My Daughter

Love is the power of my womb
Life giving is the miracle
My womb says no to sickness
The juicy pleasures of my Womb guides him in and out of my body and my Womb smiles
I love with the power of my Womb
Womb happiness
Womb portal
Universal Womb I am
They’re amazed by my Womb strength
You can’t take my Womb away
My Womb consciousness
Oneness is the miracle of my Womb
Laugh Womb Laugh

Rev. Goddess Charmaine
Goddess Blessings

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