Next Level Love ~ The Ultimate Holy Body Self Love ~ Online

Dive deeper into learning more about the energetic power of your self love pleasure. 

Rev. Goddess will guide you all through a joyous session of enhanced orgasm through self touch and focused concentration. 

You will learn:

Sensate Focus

Merging with High Sex Consciousness

Cock Pussy Vibration for balance

Stop/Start to the Heart for lasting pleasure and performance

Blessing your seed

The Five Fold Kiss

Orgasmic Bubble expansion for spiritual development

The best place to learn how to be a better lover is with yourself. How you tend to your personal pleasure and the consciousness you hold when in self love is the real magic in how you respond to others and are able to give receive and share pleasure with them. This is a nude or loosely clothing optional explicit session with Rev. Goddess. It’s an opportunity to release negative thoughts and shame around sex and your body. It’s a safe place to be witnessed and share your self love practice with others. 

You will need your holy body, lube, vibrator and openness to experience. 

Group Session Rate: Group session scheduled for Saturday November 19th at 12:30pm EST.

$75 per single man

$25 per single woman

$100 per couple, same sex or heterosexual 

All are welcome

90 minute session

One on One with Rev. Goddess online: Contact Rev. Goddess to schedule your personal session today!

$150 per single man

$100 per single woman

$200 per couple

60 minute session

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