My Interfaith Mission

worship3My Interfaith Misson is to create with you an environment for ritual, healing, growth and spiritual advancement. We do not work alone and remembering who we are, "indestructible spiritual beings," brings us into our rightful place. To the God/Goddess powers that reside within us all.

Our services are for this purpose: to empower all people, in all ways. There is no church without each other and our altar is our soul. The physical structure of church holds no more power than we give it. We are the creators of our destiny. Let's gather in fellowship to pray and prosper together. Our temple requires no donations because I believe, as a minister, it is my duty and pleasure to impart truth on a regular basis.

Take away the stress of maintaining a building and come back to fellowship. The old church was a place of gathering and safety. Now it has become a major responsibility for some. Many are brainwashed into fear and show up at church for those reasons. Many feel they are not worthy to go and have fellowship. Discipline was needed in the beginning, perhaps, yet over time we have grown and are now realizing we are valuable to the church and each other.

The house of God has forgotten its promise to you. I believe the church is within us all, located within our individual soul, you are enlightened by your life. Church services are the chance for renewal and growth.

Let's take back our power and pray with wisdom. See you next Second Sunday!

Why Clothing Optional?

worship1"Holy Body" services are interfaith spiritual services that choose to celebrate the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship through honoring and acknowledging the body as a temple, and recognizing it as the vessel our soul chose for incarnation. The option of being naked or "skyclad" during Service is used to further the expression of reverence and celebration of our body/soul relationship to Source. Our bodies are miracles: beautiful, complex ecosystems, walking art. Each is unique, holy, and a piece of God/Goddess/Source.

"Clothing-optional" is simply that – an option. Participants are never required to be nude during service. It is a matter of choice and truth in the present moment based on how your body feels and wishes to express itself.

In service, we view nudity as a form of transparency and intimacy. If we feel guarded when we remove our clothes it’s not a form of celebration and we’ve actually moved relationship to body/soul/source away from unity or one-ness and into fragmentation and inauthenticity. However if you have felt guarded your entire life, perhaps this is the moment to experience your union and one-ness through exploring nudity.

In Holy Body Worship, we choose to be nude or to celebrate with others who are nude to grow more intimate with our bodies, our souls, each other, the divine; to remove that which keeps us separate – and to bring us back into proper alignment with body, soul - all that is.

Holy Body Worship celebrates and takes a stand for the right to choose to worship your body naked or clothed or in any state of disrobe that feels appropriate to you in the present moment, and also acknowledges that your personal decision may change from moment to moment. We invite you to ask yourself what makes you feel powerful, holy, wild, sensual, free, and totally you –and to celebrate your body/soul union from that place.

A Special Note from Charmaine to Women

A personal note from Charmaine to women considering joining mixed-gender clothing-optional gatherings

worship2At the clothing-optional events I host, it is my ongoing desire and ability to create a safe, secure, non-threatening space for everyone: men, couples, and, especially, women. The single woman considering attending an event should know that I do my very best to pre-screen all those in attendance so that there is no stealing of sexual energy, and no awkward or uncomfortable experiences. I strive to provide a safe, fun, and sacred environment for all.

I hope you will consider joining me and advancing your "holy body life" – and please, always feel free to call me with any questions regarding any gathering you desire to participate in. My phone number is 201-982-6699 and my email address is reverendgoddess@gmail.com .

Goddess Blessings