Goddess Initiations

A lot of you were very aware of the Goddess Initiation 2016 Ceremony that was held this past April 23rd, 2016!
At the Riverside Church in NYC!

It was a beautiful success and experience for all the initiates and me during this process!
So many have reached out about being Initiated by me and I told you I would let you know when it’s time to move forward to the next Initiation!

The Time is NOW!

If you desire to be Initiated by me into your Goddess-ship watch this video and then email me if you want to have a conversation consultation!


Initiate Goddess-ship Program

$1250….Full Cost
(Paid in installments
Online 1 hour Introduction Skype call
4, 2 hour online Skype Group Calls for energetic process and preparations for initiation
Each initiate receives a 30 minute Tarot card reading with Rev. Goddess
Each initiate receives a 30 minute private counseling call with Rev. Goddess
In Person, Formal Goddess Initiation ceremony in Woodstock, New York with invited Guests
Goddessship Certificate
1 – $20 bill to place on Altar for prosperity ritual

Introduction of the Goddess (meaning of Initiation) and Intention

imageMeaning Of Initiation:
An initiation is a symbolic death and rebirth, a rite of passage that transforms each person who experiences it. It marks acceptance and a deep personal commitment to the Goddess. It is a gift of change that causes revelation and understanding and sparks further growth and change. We must strip ourselves of our defenses, pretension, masks, roles, of our “clothing and jewels” in order to cross that threshold and enter into the inner kingdom. But know you that in the void is the “Mother State” so the crown of death becomes the circle of rebirth attaining the balance of Masculine and Feminine.
“I Am at the start of a long journey….and my conclusion is uncertain.”

What is Great Goddess and what does it mean to be a Goddess?

To believe that the Creative Principle we call God is also Goddess. That this Divine Spark dwells within woman and man. All beings. From this Be-ing space within me, my thoughts actions lifestyle are of that of a sacred woman. A Goddess creates her own religion by her daily rituals and energetic practices to be a blessing to all.

imageBringing the great goddess consciousness back into our spirituality gives a person the opportunity to bring balance into our bodies and society. To View and worship on this level merges the one most important aspects of a persons relationship to character. GOD/GODDESS Mother-Father-Child (the goddess trinity) and in this equality in our spiritual relationship it merges the unified intention of all life being honored in all ways. Giving people the opportunity to have a spiritual space to heal and evolve their sex and spirit confusion by having a sanctuary to fellowship and worship their Holy Body is a powerful right goddess gives us and brings self love. We can bring the goddess into our bedroom and finally make our beds the altars they were meant to be and bring excitement not taboo when the body is prayed over and anointed. People will heal the split in their hearts that woman is evil and that all life is different. My Body is the Earth Body and it is the Mothers Body and I am one with the Mother/Father.

Contact Rev. Goddess to discuss your possibility to be Initiated!