Pussy In The Sky

What is a Goddess? What does it mean to be a Goddess?

To believe that the Creative Principle we call God is also Goddess. That this Divine Spark dwells within woman and man. All beings. From this Be-ing space within me, my thoughts actions lifestyle are of that of a sacred woman. A Goddess creates her own religion by her daily rituals and energetic practices to be a blessing to all. Goddess Blessings

Benefits of Honoring Great Goddess

faq1Bringing the great goddess consciousness back into our spirituality gives a person the opportunity to bring balance into our bodies and society. To View and worship on this level merges the one most important aspects of a persons relationship to character. GOD/GODDESS Mother-Father-Child (the goddess trinity) and in this equality in our spiritual relationship it merges the unified intention of all life being honored in all ways. Giving people the opportunity to have a spiritual space to heal and evolve their sex and spirit confusion by having a sanctuary to fellowship and worship their Holy Body is a powerful right goddess gives us and brings self love. We can bring the goddess into our bedroom and finally make our beds the altars they were meant to be and bring excitement, not taboo when the body is prayed over and anointed. People will heal the split in their hearts that woman is evil and that all life is different. My Body is the Earth Body and it is the Mothers Body and I am one with the Mother/Father. 

Goddess Consciousness is a consciousness of physical oneness with all life. That All people...Men and Women are one with the earth, elements and multi dimensional oneness. It is not just gender specific. Although Females/Women have a direct line into the earth frequency and therefore have access to the Divine Feminine as an ability. Men have direct access to the Sun frequency as a Yang force and can serve the earth balance. Raising our goddess consciousness also allows men to access their inner feminine aka the Anima and tap into their Divine Feminine ability this way. This consciousness is for all! Also, I have Initiated Men into their Goddess-ship!

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a way of Action. The word for uniting sex and spirit. It is the belief that the human body is a holy temple and that our sexual energy is our life-force. Ritual sex incorporates tantric consciousness and changes our relationship with ourselves, others and our environment.

Tantra is the name scholars give to an inter-religious spiritual movement that arose in medieval India, expressed in scriptures (called “Tantras”). An important characteristic of this movement was that it is a radically positive, world-embracing vision of the whole of reality as an expression of a joyous Divine Consciousness (for example, as the divine play of Shakti and Shiva). Tantric spiritual practices and rituals aim to bring about an inner realization of this truth, bringing freedom from ignorance and rebirth in the process.

How does Sex And Spirit Unite?

faq3Sex, Sexual, Sexuality is the physical expression of the body and the free will choice of genital to genital contact for pleasure. Spirit is “Thought In Action.” Spirituality is the ongoing active relationship to all life and the acts of power to bring thought and feeling in union as we intend to bring sex and spirit together through conscious play and sacred rituals of genital touch, sounds and chants for evolution.


Yoni is Sanskrit word for the vagina. Its counterpart is the lingam as interpreted by some, the phallus. It is also the divine passage, womb or sacred temple.


Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the penis or phallus, especially when worshipped as a symbol of or in connection with Shiva. The Lingam has been interpreted as a symbol of male creative energy or of the phallus. The lingam is often represented with the Yoni, a symbol of the goddess or of Shakti, female creative energy.

What is your “Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth?”

We are Born Blessed. This original consciousness removes us from the “Being Born in Sin” acceptance. By our Divine Birthright of being born blessed we are to prosper on Earth. This consciousness removes us from having to accept the idea to prove ourselves worthy of gods love. We are God and We are Goddess. This belief awakens the Divine Within.

What does it mean to be in alignment with your “Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth?”

We are born blessed and by our Divine Birthright we are to prosper. Meaning, to think of how you want your life to be. Prosperous, happy, passionate and wise or any thoughts you want for yourself. The Universe is the mirror of your thoughts and feelings and is able to bring about the opportunities and connections with others to give you the chance to create this reality for yourself. This is the great goddess promise when we come into the understanding of the holy body and the honor of all living things. This gives us the courage to practice our faith and transform our lives. “Great Goddess, please receive us and continue to bless us with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and Healing for us all! Angel Angel Angel, And So It is...!”

What does PUSSY IN THE SKY mean?

I often say “Look Up in the Sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it’s Rev. Goddesses Pussy!” I actually mean my message of Uniting Sex and Spirt and all the ways I express this knowledge. This is my Legacy! So be on the look out for my books, my meditations, my ongoing erotic enlightenment events and interfaith Goddess consciousness Services. This is my pussy in the sky and my belief in Being a Blessing to All those I come in contact with. And So It Is...