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Online on Zoom or Skype

Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach  ~ For everyone, $150. 1 Hour includes 10 minutes of merging.

As a Spiritual life coach, I am available to support witness and guide you into the life of your dreams. If you are a teacher, healer, wife, lover, mother, father or at any level of existence that you want to expand, I am here. Many people choose me because I am extreme and joyous in the way I have incorporated my goddess consciousness with sex and spirit. Even though they don’t need to discuss sexual issues, they are inspired by my outward expression of my life. It does take a lot of courage to live out loud and if you are that kind of person and are ready to step it up. Lets go!

As a spiritual counselor, with the “Thought In Action” principle, Rev. Goddess guides and supports your visions and assists you in learning the power of your thoughts and desires and how to use them to manifest what you want in your life. Dealing with fears and unconscious self sabotage, you will be able to remove what no longer serves and build a lifestyle that reflects your truest and best version of who you are, and who you want to be. Rev. Goddess will teach you spiritual laws and give you your Life Path Number.

Each session will be tailored specifically for you and can be done once or on an ongoing basis as needed. Rev. Goddess has a gift of interpretation, understanding and affirmations, and she will merge (teach you to vibrate like) this consciousness with yours to support your growth and elevation in this Life, Now!


Sexual Counseling ~ For everyone, $150. 1 Hour includes 10 minutes of merging.

I help you deal with any concerns you have about sexual functioning or maximizing your sexual potential. I have 20 years experience helping people deal with issues/concerns about sexual functioning, trauma caused by past sexual abuse, sexual addiction or how to expand and grow as a sexual being. There is nothing that cannot be discussed. Allow yourself an opportunity to learn about your Holy Body and Sexual gifts while releasing habits and thoughts that no longer serve. Women, Men and Couples can benefit from this Tantric Counseling. You will receive sexual affirmations, ritual homework and learn how to Unite Sex & Spirit.

Divine Feminine Empowerment Work ~ For Women or feminine identified. $150 1 Hour includes 10 minutes of merging.

Guiding all women into acknowledging the divine feminine as goddess within as the spark of life that created us. We women energetically and physically house within our holy bodies pussy consciousness that is divine, meaning  sacred and creates. Women were forced to be controlled and owned in our minds and bodies, and deflated. We pushed our true femininity downward. We were shamed out of our feminine pussy power ways through religious, family and society programming. Femininity is being in your womanly ways of dress, talk and walk and most importantly in your spirituality as you have a specific vibration of a goddess nature. I will teach you with counseling and ritual work to live in alignment as a divine feminine and empower you to rise in your life and in all relationships as the goddess you truly are.

Sacred Masculine Empowerment Work ~For Men and masculine identified. $150 1 hour includes 10 minutes of merging.

Become the protecter, provider and lover you truly are with cock power merged with your heart with Rev. Goddess. She will align you in thought word and deed to being truly in your power as God-Man. Your Manhood is your GodHood and being a provider and protector is nothing to be ashamed of. Your love and yang energy is your personal divine power. I will guide you back into right relationship with your holy body and in how you inspire others as you build your world with integrity. Releasing you from the programming to cheat and dishonor the divine feminine. Releasing you from bondage of a negative programming to hate women. Releasing you from sexual dysfunction and rising into your god-man frequency and stepping in your personal style with counseling and ritual work.

Nude Meditation ~ For everyone, $150. 1 Hour

Meditate Nude with Rev. Goddess

Nude Meditation Online.

Join Rev Goddess Charmaine in your comfortable, sacred, nude setting and learn Tantra. This is a time to relax and rejuvenate your holy body and spirit.

A time to learn the foundation of tantra and to reconnect with your body-spirit; a time for erotic balance through mastering your energy centers, guided by Rev. Goddess.

The session includes 3 sets of 10 minute Meditation ~ Merge ~ Chants and intending with each set how you want and desire to evolve in your holy body.

We end with a gentle hip roll exercise to connect your sex center

to your heart center for whole-body bliss and Holy Body Lift!

An Affirmation can be created for you for your ongoing use by Rev. Goddess.

“You are Spiritually whole and Sexually Perfect. Your body Knows it and Shows it. And So It Is.”

Give it a try!

Sensual/Erotic Sessions ~ For men, women and couples. Clothing optional. $200. 1 hour plus 10 minutes of merging.

Explore your erotic ability in explicit conversation. Share with Rev. Goddess as she guides you through your chakras with arousal and uniting Sex & Spirit centers.

Through these Erotic Enlightenment sessions, being witnessed, seen and acknowledged will bring you the appreciation you desire and deserve! You will rise into the holy body sacred feminine/masculine you truly are! Break fear, taboos and all sexual blockages! Learn to Live Your Vision of The Erotic Spirit!.

Women, you will be guided to explore your Yoni Heart arousal and Connection, and in doing so, increase your goddess consciousness. We women have the ability to expand our erotic energy field and be able to grow in such a way that through your experience of the Erotic Enlightenment Breakthrough You will learn how your sensual self is actually connected to every single thing that you do! It is expressed in taking care of your family, in cleaning, cooking, nurturing, everything! Yes, you will feel better when you are able to be sexual with your partner and open your pussy consciousness with all. Yet, your ultimate ability is your capability to rise into spiritual oneness with your sexual/sensual/erotic self.

Men, you will be allowed to stroke your Lingam and breathe in a new self love practice. You will release shame, guilt and blockages and experience the true freedom of your sexual birthright. You will learn how to develop your instincts giving you greater confidence, greater satisfaction and greater ability to satisfy your partner. This is also a chance to discuss and work through any feelings of sexual inadequacy you may have. Share with me whatever you need to in strict confidence. I will guide you in fulfilling your true sexual/erotic potential.

Couples, you will be able to access the coupleship vibrations of your specific relationship, that I will interpret for you. And by creating this erotically charged space, they develop and strengthen themselves in wise and wonderful ways to fully step into True Transparent Partnership! Sex Ritual and Couples Affirmation are given.

Tantra is a way of action and having even one session can be life transforming.


Sacred Self Love Ritual ~ For men, women and couples. Nude. Please bring a Blindfold. $250. 1 hour and 30 minutes for Singles. 2 hours including 20 minutes of merging for Couples.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to be witnessed and supported to be sexually free and step into your spiritual and sexual power?! So many of us deal with unhealthy sexual thoughts and beliefs that keep us from fully feeling and honoring our Holy Bodies and one another. You can no longer let yourself believe that something is wrong with your sexual desires. Join Rev. Goddess and take back your power in this incredible 90 minute celebration of your Sexual Life Force!

This nude erotic session begins with a ritual of fire (candle) sage and the 5 fold kiss. Then to a slow building of arousal with sensual self touch (sensate focus) guided by Rev. Goddess. In this erotic bubble that is created between us, you will speak on what you want to remove and let go of, releasing any unhealthy behavior or negative thoughts. Then we will move into a 10 minute Merge to raise your energy and continue to support the removing of negative thoughts that hold you back from positive sensations in your holy body. Rev. Goddess then guides you through Stop/Start to the Heart, 3 times!!! Then to YOU speaking your Truth into existence (what you want to create/manifest) and giving your (orgasm/ejaculation) gift! Then to a 10 minute Merge to strengthen your energy expansion! Rev. Goddess will Bless Your Gift (Offering/Orgasm) and then to Body Anointing (5 Fold Kiss). This is a Goddess Blessing as you choose to step into this new level of Erotic Sacred Self Love.

Important for Couples: If you choose, you may come together in union (sexual intercourse) while being guided by Rev. Goddess. I will lead you in understanding your specific coupleship vibration. Together we will create a charged space where you can step into the wisdom and strength of your true Transparent Partnership! In addition to the entire ritual for singles we will also celebrate with a Goddess Communion with wine/juice and fruit symbolizing the Holy Body Blood and the Holy Body Sweet Flesh and finish with your Sacred Sexual Vows.

Next Level Love ~ The Ultimate Holy Body Self Love ~ Online

Dive deeper into learning more about the energetic power of your self love pleasure. 

Rev. Goddess will guide you all through a joyous session of enhanced orgasm through self touch and focused concentration. 

You will learn:

Sensate Focus

Merging with High Sex Consciousness

Cock Pussy Vibration for balance

Stop/Start to the Heart for lasting pleasure and performance

Blessing your seed

The Five Fold Kiss

Orgasmic Bubble expansion for spiritual development

The best place to learn how to be a better lover is with yourself. How you tend to your personal pleasure and the consciousness you hold when in self love is the real magic in how you respond to others and are able to give receive and share pleasure with them. This is a nude or loosely clothing optional explicit session with Rev. Goddess. It’s an opportunity to release negative thoughts and shame around sex and your body. It’s a safe place to be witnessed and share your self love practice with others. 

You will need your holy body, lube, vibrator and openness to experience. 

One on One with Rev. Goddess online

$150 per single man

$100 per single woman

$200 per couple

60 minute session

Hypnotic Sex Journey


Now is a good time to relax and enjoy the sensuous voice of Rev. Goddess as she guides you through your holy body temple to empower, activate and raise your sexual vibration to a higher level.

Breaking negative programming and blocks around sexual functioning and addiction can be a big challenge for a lot of us. That’s why Rev. Goddess has created this beautiful fun and exciting Hypnotic Sex Journey for those of you that want to dive into a healthier and happier sexual appetite. 

Women, this hypnotic journey can awaken your sensual divine feminine in ways that can express your true beauty. 

It doesn’t matter what your sexual concerns or issues are. It could be lack of desire, body issues, or shame and guilt around sex. For women, it could be lack of orgasm. For men, it could be maintaining a strong erection.

There are so many issues we have around healthy sexual thoughts and functioning from so many toxic sources that we could drown ourselves in the sorrow of lost love. 

Our Sexual energy is actually our Life Force. This powerful pleasurable erotic source vibration is how we have created and filled this world. Humans, animals and all plant life create beyond itself because it is an ability that is naturally ours. How did we get so disconnected from it? 

“Sexuality isn’t just for sex. It’s a return to source unity consciousness” 

~ BenLifeChanger

The path to pleasure is through your unconscious and your beautiful willing holy body. 

I have created a Universal Hypnotic Sex Journey Script that everyone, can use to focus on your most personal concerns and start the rise into fucking sucking licking and loving better. That sounds good doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Regardless of being male, female or however you identify, the physical body did not create these blocks. It’s all in your head. Your programming or trauma allowed for these fixed thoughts to take over and stay firmly planted in your unconscious and control your body and act the fuck out! No more, no body got time for that. Do the Hypnotic Sex Journey and put an end to unhealthy sexuality, and create a new erotic energy of love and passion for yourself and those you are involved with. 

Take the journey with Rev. Goddess and take your sex life to the next level. 

This Hypnotic Sex Journey is offered in one on one private sessions with Rev. Goddess. The really great thing about this Hypnotic Sex Journey is that you can do it as often as you like. It only helps you get better. That’s what Hypnotherapy does. 

You can expect to feel a deeper connection within your body, a deep sense of relaxation and connection right away! Rev. Goddess holds energetic space for you as she guides you through releasing negative habits and programing that no longer serves your sexuality. 

The journey is erotically explicit and is intended to arouse you all over. Your breath and guided visualization will open you up to the energy of ecstasy and orgasm. You will not be guided to touch yourself and you do not need to be nude. The magical and exciting part of the journey is your ability to rise in arousal just with your thoughts. Your thoughts are your friend. Your holy body will respond and send shivers of pleasure all over. Then, Rev. Goddess will guide you into your Orgasmic Spiritual Body Bubble and in this space is where all shifts will happen in your unconscious. 

You choose how deep you want to dive into your new sexual rise.

One session is $100

3 Journey Immersion sessions (recommended) $200

Those that do the 3 Immersion sessions can continue with the hypnotic sex journey sessions at $60 per private session ongoing.

All Hypnotic Sex Journey sessions are Prepaid.

If you have questions before you sign up for an hypnotic sex journey session, feel free to contact Rev. Goddess. 

Individualized Coaching sessions ~ $65 for 45 minutes 10 session minimum. 

Looking to enhance your spiritual journey with personalized coaching? Rev. Goddess offers individualized sessions focused on developing your lifestyle with God/Goddess Consciousness. Whether you’re looking to release your inner witch and grow in your spell magick or simply deepen your connection to your intuition, these sessions are for you.

Open to men and women alike, Rev. Goddess will guide you through the process of developing your psychic abilities, teaching you about rituals and how to create them on your own. You’ll also learn about the cycles of the moon and how to attune to them, as well as develop a spiritual toolkit of magic that’s uniquely yours.

Each coaching session is 45 minutes long and costs $65, with a commitment of 10 sessions minimum. You’ll have the flexibility to schedule sessions according to your needs. Step onto the path of spiritual growth with Rev. Goddess today!

Therapeutic Tarot Reading Sessions with Tantric Goddess Rev. Goddess Charmaine

Looking for guidance, clarity, and healing in your life? Look no further than a therapeutic tarot reading with tantric goddess, Rev. Goddess Charmaine.

With years of experience and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, tantric goddess Rev. Goddess Charmaine, can help you uncover hidden truths, gain perspective on difficult situations, and tap into your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Using a combination of traditional tarot cards and the transformative energy of tantric practices, Goddess Charmaine will help you unlock the secrets of your past, present, and future, and provide guidance and support as you navigate life’s challenges.

But this is more than just a tarot reading. Reverend Goddess Charmaine will also provide you with personalized practices, rituals and exercises to help you integrate the insights gained during the reading, and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Whether you’re struggling with relationships, career, or personal growth, a therapeutic tarot reading with Rev. Goddess can help you find the answers and healing you seek.

Book your session today and start your journey towards greater self-awareness and transformation. $100 for a one hour session.

You can choose your length of session. From 15 minutes to 1 hour: You decide how deep you want to go! $25 for 15 mins. $50 for 30 mins and $75 for 45 mins and $100 for 1 hour! 

“The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.” Rev. Goddess first “Merges” with you energetically. Then she uses the deck to connect deeper with you as you guide her to the cards you feel led to. Then the symbols from the deck laid in a particular order gives you clear messages on the divine plan for your life. Rev. Goddess can help you understand why certain things are happening in your life and how you can possibly change those things which no longer serve you!

Tantra is a way of action and having even one session can be life transforming.


* Merging

Merging is a special form of directed meditation. During merging you will be able to merge your consciousness with mine which will give you access to much greater power to integrate what you have learned into your life.

* Important ~ These services are for the serious sensuous mystics, I’m looking forward to sharing the Erotic Orgasmic Bubble with you all!

* Payments and Scheduling

If you have any questions before prepaying for your session, feel free to contact me at In order to schedule you must prepay.

Prepay PayPal Link

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All appointments are scheduled with Rev. Goddess once you have prepaid through PayPal to Rev. Goddess will confirm the appt. within 24 hours after receiving payment. Book early because I’m limiting the number of sessions I do in order to give each session my full attention and energy. Goddess Blessings.



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