Privacy and personal attention.

Sessions are catered to your specific situation and issues.

You feel the energetic healing and growth happening right away.

People from all walks of life and spiritual paths choose to work with Rev. Goddess Charmaine and have real meaningful growth from private sessions with her. Her services will help you raise your energy, unite Sex & Spirit, and bring more clarity into what serves and what is not serving your alignment with your Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth.

There are several types of sessions available: tarot card readings, ongoing spiritual counseling, incorporating nudity in sessions, and energetic merging ceremonies. Whichever session you choose, it will be personally designed for you and all processes will be for YOU to be able to tap into the power within yourself so that you can heal, and be able to deal with whatever problems/issues or lack of any kind that may exist in your life. So that you can be in Alignment with who YOU WANT TO BE!

People are drawn to have a session with Rev. Goddess in order to deal with sexual issues or trauma, spiritual confusion, relationship issues or couples counseling. There are also those of us that are doing really well in life and may be looking for a spiritual mentor or wish to continue to expand their growth through energetic merging sessions. Some people want a mixture of a tarot card reading with counseling and energy merging and some people may only wish to have specific questions answered or to develop effective life practices.

Rev. Goddess’s method of shamanism and uniting sex and spirit with the Holy Body Path consciousness has been helpful to so many. She feels that this is a primary and fundamental teaching method which leads to personal and universal development.

If you are not sure you know where you want to begin with Rev. Goddess, just contact her for a free consultation.

$150 per hour….Sessions are best and most effective at one hour. If you feel you know what you need to focus on with Rev. Goddess, you can choose shorter sessions. $100 for 45 minutes, even 30 minutes for $75. 


Spiritual Counseling 1 hour ~ $150

Sexual Counseling 1 hour ~ $150

Divine Feminine Empowerment Work ~ $150

Sacred Masculine Empowerment Work ~ $150

Nude Meditation 1 hour ~ $150

Sacred Whore Individual Counseling ~ $150

Sensual/Erotic Sessions 1 hour ~ $200

Sacred Self Love Ritual 90 minutes ~ $250

Goddess Initiations 8 1 hour bi-weekly sessions online, and then The In Person Initiation Ceremony Upstate NY ~ $1,250

Tarot Reading 1 hour ~ $100

Energetic Erotic Aura Reading ~ $100

COMBINED Tarot & Erotic Aura Reading ~ $75 for 30 minutes and $125 for 1 hour

The Divine Feminine Realm~ One on One 3 Immersion online Sessions, women only ~ $155

The Divine Feminine Realm ~ The Journey For Men. One on One 3 Immersion online Sessions ~ $225

The Earthly Realm Journey ~ For ALL, One on One 3 Immersion online Sessions ~ $195

Hypnotic Sex Journey ~ For ALL, One on One ~ $100 per session or $200 for 3 Immersion Journey Sessions.

Individualized Coaching sessions ~ $65 for 45 minutes 10 session minimum. 

All Sessions Paid in advance through PayPal: and all sessions conducted online on Zoom or Skype!

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