Hypnotic Sex Journey ~ Online Session


Now is a good time to relax and enjoy the sensuous voice of Rev. Goddess as she guides you through your holy body temple to empower, activate and raise your sexual vibration to a higher level.

Breaking negative programming and blocks around sexual functioning and addiction can be a big challenge for a lot of us. That’s why Rev. Goddess has created this beautiful fun and exciting Hypnotic Sex Journey for those of you that want to dive into a healthier and happier sexual appetite. 

Women, this hypnotic journey can awaken your sensual divine feminine in ways that can express your true beauty. 

It doesn’t matter what your sexual concerns or issues are. It could be lack of desire, body issues, or shame and guilt around sex. For women, it could be lack of orgasm. For men, it could be maintaining a strong erection.

There are so many issues we have around healthy sexual thoughts and functioning from so many toxic sources that we could drown ourselves in the sorrow of lost love. 

Our Sexual energy is actually our Life Force. This powerful pleasurable erotic source vibration is how we have created and filled this world. Humans, animals and all plant life create beyond itself because it is an ability that is naturally ours. How did we get so disconnected from it? 

“Sexuality isn’t just for sex. It’s a return to source unity consciousness” 

~ BenLifeChanger

The path to pleasure is through your unconscious and your beautiful willing holy body. 

I have created a Universal Hypnotic Sex Journey Script that everyone, can use to focus on your most personal concerns and start the rise into fucking sucking licking and loving better. That sounds good doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Regardless of being male, female or however you identify, the physical body did not create these blocks. It’s all in your head. Your programming or trauma allowed for these fixed thoughts to take over and stay firmly planted in your unconscious and control your body and act the fuck out! No more, no body got time for that. Do the Hypnotic Sex Journey and put an end to unhealthy sexuality, and create a new erotic energy of love and passion for yourself and those you are involved with. 

Take the journey with Rev. Goddess and take your sex life to the next level. 

This Hypnotic Sex Journey is offered in one on one private sessions with Rev. Goddess. The really great thing about this Hypnotic Sex Journey is that you can do it as often as you like. It only helps you get better. That’s what Hypnotherapy does. 

You can expect to feel a deeper connection within your body, a deep sense of relaxation and connection right away! Rev. Goddess holds energetic space for you as she guides you through releasing negative habits and programing that no longer serves your sexuality. 

The journey is erotically charged and is intended to arouse you all over. Your breath and guided visualization will open you up to the energy of ecstasy and orgasm. You will not be guided to touch yourself and you do not need to be nude. The magical and exciting part of the journey is your ability to rise in arousal just with your thoughts. Your thoughts are your friend. Your holy body will respond and send shivers of pleasure all over. Then, Rev. Goddess will guide you into your Orgasmic Spiritual Body Bubble and in this space is where all shifts will happen in your unconscious. 

You choose how deep you want to dive into your new sexual rise.

One session is $100

3 Journey Immersion sessions (recommended) $200

Those that do the 3 Immersion sessions can continue with the hypnotic sex journey sessions at $60 per private session ongoing.

All Hypnotic Sex Journey sessions are Prepaid.

If you have questions before you sign up for your hypnotic sex journey session, feel free to contact Rev. Goddess. 

Contact Reverend Goddess to schedule your Hypnotic Sex Journey session now!


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