About 2 yrs ago I heard Rev. Goddess Charmaine on The Remix, on Blogtalk Radio. I knew then that she was special. Since that time, I've been to her weekend retreat and energy boosting Skype sessions. I was not disappointed. She has a profound spiritual understanding of the Divine Feminine and a keen intuitive and loving nature. I have been uplifted, inspired and empowered by her presence.

-Goddess Blessings, Goddess Carole Smith-Rea

Rev Goddess Charmaine is a pleasure through and through. She is brilliant, funny, creative and a team player. I have loved working with her every time we collaborate. She holds back nothing when she speaks her truth and this is something I value greatly.

If you choose to work with her, know you are receiving a gift from the divine!

Laurie Handlers, MA, author, Tantra master, radio show host


Your Sex and Happiness Coach
Transformation through Pleasure

Monica Echols:
GoddessCharmaine Armatas is amazing!!! I've encountered many "spiritual" workers in different fields, but this wombman has consistently shown me authenticity and sincerity in all that she does.

My private reading with her was life changing, and I haven't looked back yet!! She helped me to realize some things about myself that were hindering my growth. Most importantly, she left me with solutions and knowledge that I could easily apply!! I value her not only as a goddess sister, but as my spiritual advisor!!

Rev GoddessCharmaine Armatas you are half of the reason why I am stronger today. I remember things that you share and I then apply those teachings to my life. Your energy is so strong, pure, and genuine. But the thing I value the most is your honesty. You have helped me to grow and become more powerful through your teachings, and I thank you tremendously!

~ Kiomi Maddox

Charmaine is outrageous! And grounded! She approaches sexuality and spirituality without dogma, making her inspirational intuition a breath of fresh air. Personally and professionally I hold her in high regard.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Author, The Essential Tantra
Producer, The Sacred Prostitute documentary

Thank YOU Rev Goddess Charmaine. You taught me so much. Released ALL that was not serving Goddess Angela, wearing pink and Glowing, Growing and healing.

Reverend Goddess Charmaine is a natural and inspired teacher. Each time I’ve had the supreme pleasure of witnessing this woman doing her “thang”, I’ve been awed by the power of her testimony, the authenticity of her devotion and the wide open Love that surrounds her gifts of healing wisdom without fail.

She embodies the union of sex and spirit with Grace and unyielding passion. So much so, that she immediately inspires the flowering of this union in her students, no matter how closed off or traumatized they may have been before meeting the Reverend Goddess.

This sista iz the Real Deal.
Her ministry iz one of rare insight and purity that we are Blessed to be able to partake in.

-Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming
Priestess & Life Mastery Mentor

What I love about Reverend Goddess Charmaine is her fiery spirit, and how she brings that fire into the room. We first met doing a triple goddess puja together. I so admired how Reverend Goddess's passion and aliveness was infectious. She had people up on their feet, breathing, feeling, and making sound! We've been on many panels together and I find her blend of knowledge, humor and honesty refreshing, insightful, and incredibly entertaining all at once. She celebrates the beauty of the body as well as the spirit. One day she told me, "You have great hair! You must look amazing naked!" If anyone else had said this to me, I might have thought that it was a weird thing to say to someone you don't know well. But coming from Reverend Goddess, I felt true admiration and support of a goddess sister. I can see that she reveres the divine instrument that is the body, and how she encourages and supports others in loving their naturalness. Her comfort with her own goddess-self inspires and relaxes others into embracing our true beauty. We've collaborated several times in workshops and on her BlogTalk radio show. Reverend Goddess does not compete with women but rather partners easily, encouraging other women to join the circle and contribute to the cauldron of knowledge. Her being is saturated with reverence for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine- with intense daily practice and devotion, her magic is deep, heartfelt, physically and spiritually powerful. If you are looking for inspiration and aliveness, you might consider inviting Reverend Goddess Charmaine into your life. It will never be the same.

~ Teeni Dakini

"It has been my deep privilege to co-minister and co-teach with my colleague and friend Reverend Goddess Charmaine. Being in her presence is being in the company of fully realized Goddess. She is compassionate and kind to all who come in contact with her. She is timelessly erotic and knows how to work a pair of stilettos as if they were as comfortable as house slippers. She has a direct connection to Source and is an embodied and integrated example of what sex and spirit look like united. She is a fount of timeless wisdom and a bold, brave provocateur who fearlessly stands for what she believes in - that the body and sex are sacred pathways to the divine. Through her radio show, women’s sexual empowerment Facebook group and Youtube channel, she is a generous fountain of erotically enlightened information in her sacred mission of helping women rise up as goddesses and uniting sex and spirit on Earth. It has been a deep pleasure and privilege of my life to co-create and minister with her in Naked Church and to co-lead Holy Body retreats together."

~ ISIS Phoenix The Sensual Shaman