The Realms Journey


The Divine Feminine Realm ~ Women Only



Join me and I will show you how to journey to the Divine Feminine Realm in order to access your Divine Feminine abilities. You will learn how to visualize and hold this Divine realm in your inner mind. We will journey there in order to manifest your personal visions and desires for your life here on planet earth. Your womb is your SOURCE of energy, power and manifestation. Through this workshop you will connect this energy with your mind enabling you to journey 

to … 

Yes! To the Divine Feminine Realm!! 

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Cost $155. Once you pay, we will schedule your 3 Immersion sessions, and I will send you the Zoom Link.



The Divine Feminine Realm ~ Journey For Men

This is an opportunity for wholeness, female expression, energetic development and to help heal others, the planet and mostly yourself. 

We are together for an hour and 15 minutes each. I share knowledge about the anima with you. Then I guide you through a hypnosis visualization to meet your anima and then I guide you to journey to the divine feminine realm. 

These 3 immersion sessions are spread out this way, so that you learn how to go there on your own and expand in your female soul self in the realm and bring back a more whole you to live and manifest better here on earth.

$200 for the entire (3) Immersion Series. Each session is 1 hour & 15 minutes.

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The Earthly Realm ~ For All

The Earthly Realm Journey ~ Are You Ready?!

Ready to remove what no longer serves

Ready to experience a more aligned happy life

Ready to tap back into your divine spark

Ready to create the life you want NOW

Ready to heal and evolve

Ready to remember who you Are

Ready to be Born Blessed

The Earthly Realm is for you if:

You want to continue to develop yourself for the better

You want to connect deeper into your spirituality

You want to remove negative self talk

You want to stop struggling so much

You want to rise into right relationship in all areas

You want to develop yourself energetically

You want to feel the love 

The cost is $195. Paid in Full. One on One 3 Immersion Sessions!

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The Masculine Plane Journey ~ For All.


A dimension of Yang & Yin


When Yin and Yang are split there are two sides – Heaven and Hell.

Together in Unity we are Oneness and able to create our Divine Birthright on earth in Harmony with All Life!

The Universe is a vast system of energy with many levels, planes, dimensions and realms. Each with a different frequency for us to vibrate like and be able to journey there. 

It’s a plane of consciousness that exists’s above our earthly realm. It is the Thought in Action / Spirit principle containing the Yin/Yang balance for manifestation on earth. This plane of consciousness only exists to help us create on earth. Not for any other realm or dimension. 

“Evil comes into the world after the creation of human beings, who are, in most mythologies, at first pure and form an integral part of the primordial unity of natural life. Then, however, something happens, and human beings set themselves apart, rupture the cosmic and communal coherence, by developing conscious knowledge and acting no longer with but vis-à-vis the universe. At this time good and evil first appear, in the human mind and thus in the world.” ~ Livia Kohn 

$175.00 all three Immersion sessions paid in full.

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