Energetic (BEing) Ceremonies ~ Uniting Sex & Spirit in All Ways!!

The Boost ……Energetic (BEing) Ceremonies with Rev. Goddess Charmaine…(Get Your Boost On!)

 quote by ~ Kenneth Ray Stubbs 

There are many layers to our “Energy Being” and with Rev. Goddess you can access specific individual frequencies of your BEing to expand your Energy Field and live a more harmonious life. To be able to know what no longer serves and remove it. To grow in ways that support you being in alignment with your Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth.

You will learn how to access and develop your physical body “Energy Field” your spiritual body “Energy Field” your light body “Energy Field” and soul body core “Energy Field”! This is the foundation of your energetic growth and ability to move forward in your holy body lifestyle. You can build the car, but it must have the gas in the tank for the engine to fly down the highway of life and manifest! From this point with Rev. Goddess you will learn how to Merge. Merging sessions is where the Energy Fields gets the Boost!

Rev. Goddess has worked extensively to develop and to apply her energetic abilities (through shamanism). She can now increase this ability by bringing this into Oneness with you. You will now be able to take advantage of this frequency and bring “it” into your holy body and energy levels for healing, growth, understanding and manifestation.

These ceremonies give you the opportunity to receive the life benefit of the “All Life” creative principle (God/Goddess/Source). We are already one with all life. However, many of us have forgotten this and then when we start to remember, we still struggle to rise. This energetic support mixed with your spiritual life and sexual life force energy will transform you. It’s just the way it is. Sex is life and when we merge it (intentionally) with our spiritual body, we boost and expand in ways that bring us into alignment with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth.

Uniting Sex & Spirit is vital energetically and physically.

Orgasm is the way we fill our gas tank up (uniting sex and spirit by using your root chakra energy and kegels/PC muscles to tap into your erotic frequency and merge your sex and heart centers) so you can then fly up the highway of life!

In these energy ceremonies with Rev. Goddess you will begin to notice how your inner core/BEing will be able to support you with a stronger sense of self, sexual awareness and ability to intend and have integrity.

(Basically, I am vibrating at a very high frequency. I am completely aligned in my sex and spirit centers. When you are in my field and we intend to be One, I can assist your BEing to develop easier quicker and gain more clarity about your path in this life. The process is important as to uniting sex and spirit centers and then learning about your 4 energy bodies. Then Merging with me and All Life.)

Sessions are offered in various ways.

4 Session Intensive ~ 30 min first session, (3) 15 minutes each, thereafter $125

6 Session Intensive ~ 30 min first session, (5) 15 minutes each, thereafter $160

8 Session Intensive ~ 30 min first session, (7) 15 minutes each, thereafter $200

11 Session Intensive ~ 30 min first session, (10) 15 minutes each, thereafter $250

Each Intensive includes one 30-minute preparation session, which includes the 4 Bodies and Uniting Sex & Spirit Centers with the 10 minute Merge!

These energetic ceremony sessions are much more effective when done consecutively each day, with no more than 1 to 2 days break in between with the longer intensive packages.

Sessions are conducted online, on Zoom or Skype. Dress comfortable for relaxation.

All Session Intensives are to be prepaid upfront in full through PayPal to https://www.paypal.me/thesensuousmystic

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If we wish to understand Tantra, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand Shamanism, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand Orgasm, we must know energy.

If we wish to understand God/Source/Goddess, we must know energy.

With Energy comes Wisdom

Without these, there is no Transformation. ~ Kenneth Ray Stubbs 

Remember, the first session is only 30 minutes. Then each session after that is 15 minutes. Not a lot of time needed to continue building. However the everyday commitment is really important, especially with the smallest set of sessions. The longer ones, we can skip a day or two.