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The Divine Feminine Realm One on One Immersion online Sessions, women only

This is perfect for you, if you cannot join the planned groups sessions.

Now is the time! 

Join me and I will show you how to journey to the Divine Feminine Realm in order to access your Divine Feminine abilities. You will learn how to visualize and hold this Divine realm in your inner mind. We will journey there in order to manifest your personal visions and desires for your life here on planet earth. Your womb is your SOURCE of energy, power and manifestation. Through this workshop you will connect this energy with your mind enabling you to journey 

to … 

Yes! To the Divine Feminine Realm!! 

Through my personal trials and tribulations I have discovered that in order to have the maximum impact on this physical reality we must journey to higher spiritual realms and create the vision that we wish to manifest for ourselves. We can then through intention manifest those visions in this reality. I have the power to guide you, to take you there with me and to hold space for you while you activate this sacred birth right of womanhood. 

You are a Goddess! Believe it.
We are in the world, but not of this world. You ARE of the Divine Feminine Realm. 

I’ve found that accessing the Divine Feminine Realm gives me a greater sense of being grounded. I have more confidence in my own decision-making, a much higher self-esteem and I have a greater appreciation for all of those in my life whom I love. We as women are the nurturers, the care-givers. We often neglect ourselves in order to take care of our love ones. It’s important to take time out for ourselves and recharge and then we can return to our lives, more grounded, more able to be giving and less resentful in doing so. 

In our immersion session I will guide you in opening your own portal to this realm. You will learn to vibrate at the frequency of the Divine Feminine Realm and then you will add your own soul self to the vibration and then bring this into your physical body through a guided breathing exercise. You will learn how to incorporate this into your life and apply it to every aspect of your being. 

This workshop will be offered in three consecutive sessions. Each successive day will bring you a deeper and deeper and deeper immersion and greater and greater and greater power to implement this in your life.

1st Immersion session is 45 minutes. 

2nd Immersion session is 1 hour.

3rd Immersion session is 1 hour.

Online on Zoom

Cost $155

Once you pay, we will schedule your 3 sessions, and I will send you the Zoom Link

You can pay through PayPal: Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me

Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me


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