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How to Circulate Your Sexual Energy

How to Circulate Your Sexual Energy from your genitals throughout your body and energy field.

This technique helps with sexual frustration and to raise your sexual vibration. 

There are two (2) ways to practice this. 

Focus at your yoni or lingam. Squeeze your Kegel muscle (closing the opening of your vagina). Or squeeze your PC muscle (for men. This is your Pubococcygeus PC muscle, it’s like stopping the flow of your urine).

Squeeze and release five times fully and quickly. Then on the fifth squeeze, hold it for 5 seconds while holding your breath with your tongue at the roof of your mouth. Then release it. Do 5 sets completely.

This helps to raise your sexual vibration and bring masculine feminine energetic and emotional balance and when you hold your breath and press your tongue at the roof of your mouth it circulates your life force energy from your root chakra base up your spine, to the top of your head. Then when you release your tongue and exhale it continues to bring the energy flow down the front of your body to your genital sacred middle area. Completing a full healthy flow of energy for balance. 

When starting to build your sexual energy in this way for the first time. I encourage you to practice this technique 3xs a day for two weeks to 30 days at first. Then just once a day for one month. Then at your own pace. 

This next way to practice this technique really helps with sexual frustration.

Whenever you feel a rush of sexual arousal or sexual need as a throbbing in your genitals.  Thats when you quickly focus at your yoni or lingam and squeeze and release quickly 5 times and then on the fifth squeeze you hold it tight, hold your breath and place your tongue at the roof of your mouth for 5 seconds. You only need to do this once and do it every time your pussy or cock throbs. 

Your Yoni, Lingam may throb because you really desire sex and feel sexually starved, which brings on frustration. Or you may be growing energetically and psychically and your holy body is activating you this way to develop your spiritual abilities. When you incorporate this practice into your lifestyle and abilities, you will notice that everything starts to taste, look, smell, see and feel better to you and to others. 

Goddess Blessings

Rev. Goddess Charmaine 

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