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What Exactly is an Orgasm?

An Orgasm is Energy. 

Energy intensified into an eruption. Happening with the opening of the body’s arousal and support points stimulated by touch etc, and when the energy builds in the body it erupts and explodes all over and creates the altered state of awareness. 

How do you know when you Orgasm?

The Intense sensations and eruptions are hard to miss. 

Trembling, shaking, deep release of stress and the pleasure that rises creates the energetic orgasmic bubble. 

Can you have different types of Orgasms?

Yes. There are 4 types of Orgasms.

Physical Body Orgasm ~ Physical Sensations

Spiritual Body Orgasm ~ Emotional and Physical Sensations

Light Body Orgasm ~ Altered States of Awareness Sensations

Soul Body Orgasm ~ Psychic Sensations

Can you have constant & continuous Orgasms throughout the whole sexual activity, and not often have the Main big one at the end?

Yes, becoming Multi Orgasmic is very possible. 

Most people have multi orgasms and are not aware of them because they focus on the Main Big One. 

However, if we remove ourselves from the goal of Orgasm and ejaculation, we would notice all the subtle and growing intensities of orgasms throughout the entire sexual experience. 

We all have erotic points which are our eyes, lips, ears, neck, nipples, chest, hands and fingers, hips, butt, genitals, and toes. And then we also have erotic support points which are the areas around the erotic points. These areas are always engaged when we stimulate one another and through giving receiving and sharing pleasure and love through touch breath etc. 

We can evolve in our orgasmic abilities and have the true blessings of sex and spirit. To begin expanding your Orgasmic ability start by learning Stop/Start to the Heart. You can find my videos on my Main Erotic Enlightenment Site. 

Goddess Blessings 


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