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Erotic Ministry

Why did I choose to become explicit in my Erotic Ministry in Uniting Sex and Spirit.

I’ve really always been explicit, just never in videos.

I think it’s the natural next step in my growth. I personally believe it’s important to practice what you preach and I do love sex and spirit. In all my years of healing growth and learning, my practice has led me here.

I experienced a lot of pain abuse and misunderstanding around sex and spirit when I was young. As I grew up with unanswered questions, It caused me to look within and figure out why were these things happening to me? What’s the biggest issue with these adults around me that are suppose to protect and guide me towards a good life. It was Sex and Spirit. Lies, hypocrisy and control played out in the areas where I was suppose to learn how to be a good person. But I was told I was suppose to be, “A Good Little girl, who should be seen and not heard.” There was no example of that, and there was no respect for me and as I grew, I ended up creating a life of dysfunction and abuse around these same issues. I was forced to look within at what I helped to create and begin again, by first taking responsibility for it all. 

As I evolved out of victimization to taking back my power, I learned a lot about consciousness meditation, personal power and energy. I went into therapy, ultimately leading me to spiritual counseling. Then I asked questions about sex and purpose and that led me to reading about Tantra. There were so many levels of consciousness and personal self respect hoops I jumped through in becoming The Sensuous Mystic AKA The Pussy In The Sky Goddess that was only and mostly about learning who I Am. 

Firstly, I became a sexual surrogate in 1992 and then from there I grew. Using my body, pussy and heart to help people heal was an amazing experience, and the tools of this healing included Tantric practices. I was already beginning to practice tantra in my personal life, even before I found this surrogate job in NYC. And then when we became alternative and bringing Tantra into the counseling, I realized that I was being gifted an amazing opportunity in my life to really learn tantra and now it was my job. I cannot even explain to you the power when you are aware of alignment in your life to get to learn grow and heal in sexual and spiritual ways. 

Then one day I went to a nude beach and WOW! It all came together for me in my body as harmony. I felt my Intuition expand. 

Then at the sexual healing center, we started nude workshops for singles and couples. See the alignment?


My Nude lifestyle afforded me new healthy experiences, self acceptance and energetic growth that also led me to eventually creating clothing optional groups in my own private practice. 

From Surrogate to Reiki Master, to Hypnotherapist to Ordained Minister, Aromatherapist and Tantra Energy Specialist to Initiated Goddess, A “Scratched” Daughter of Oshun and Shaman. And let’s not forget Mother Goddess, Rev. Goddess and Ghetto Goddess. I have removed guilt shame jealously and fear from my body mind spirit consciousness and discovered that sex and spirit is all about energy. Intensity of energy, and that’s the power behind my explicitness! 

I learned a long time ago about the kundalini energy and as this powerful energy awakens within us, it allows us to become more open and aware of intense energy. I didn’t know what was happening to me when my Kundalini Awakened, thankfully I had friends teachers and books that helped me. Did you know that it’s the sexually explicit woman that can seduce you with her erotic ways that stimulates your kundalini (serpent) to rise. 

I love this message: (From Sexual Secrets: “ In the human body this energy is located primarily in the sexual region. It is the power of transformation, an uplifting and liberating force that, when awakened, leads to the ecstasy of fulfillment. It is the power of the orgasm, the thrill of sexual delight, the sudden flash of insight. Honor male and female qualities equally. Visualize yourselves rising, freed from attachments and the duality of the world. Visualize the Kundalini as a sensuous woman, a goddess, extremely beautiful and filled with eroticism.”) 

Then as I continued with my sexual life and tantric practices I felt stronger and I believed, I became wiser with understanding the purpose of sex and how it is spiritual and it’s that merging that creates prosperity on earth. 

My explicitness first opened up in my private life. Learning to look at my pussy, smell my scent etc. Being comfortable with being seen by my lovers and making sounds during love making. I was able to heal more of my hurt and abuse, sexual and spiritual from my past. I could feel more wholeness within, and my self love grew into more trust in myself, speaking up for myself, for what I liked in sex and being open to serving as well. I learned it is about giving receiving and sharing pleasure.

My abilities to heal others sexually and spiritually kept expanding. My Groups Services, Conferences and Expos gave me more opportunities to stay authentic in my path. I could sense other people’s sexual blocks without even taking to them. I could feel peoples stuck toxic energy and sexual wounds. I could even see the energy field around peoples bodies and this just continued to guide me to more training and facilitating more workshops and couples groups and private sessions. 

It’s just the way it is. I Am A Sex Goddess!

I am…

(a gnostic poem, circa ? B.C.)

I am the first and the last.

I am the honoured one and the scorned one.

I am the whore and the holy one.

I am the wife and the virgin.

I am she whose wedding is great.

I am The Universal Lover of Life.

I am (the mother) and the daughter.

I am the members of my mother….

I am the silence that is incomprehensible

And the idea whose remembrance is frequent.

I am the voice whose sound is manifold

And the word whose appearance is multiple.

I am knowledge and ignorance.

I am the utterance of my name.

Personally I also believe we can remove this abusive sex consciousness and programing from our genetic DNA in our bloodline. First by healing ourselves, removing shame and guilt around our bodies and release the rape violence incest molestation and negative body image from within. Step into full acceptance and self love to thrive and rise into our original blessed consciousness. Explicitness is just a way to break this curse and for me it is my Ministry.

The cathartic healing that occurs with explicit erotic teachings by exposing my naked body, my pussy, ass, heart and wisdom is worth every moment. This is my way of teaching, not for everyone, I’m sure. The gift I can give is because I don’t feel shame, so I feel comfortable sharing myself in this way.  I Love for the spirituality of others. I spread my legs for you, I share as much of my life with you as I can. I believe and I practice my beliefs, and in my need to be happy healthy strong and sexually alive, I found goddess inside me and I developed a high sense of perception and interpretation of spiritual things. Then in this, there is passion to know that I matter. And I do. You do too. We all do. It doesn’t matter if other people know that you matter. It’s about you knowing that you matter. We are all part of All Life and Sex in various ways, is how Life is created.

This personal connection is intense connection within. This is where we actually live our life, within. 


That life then becomes love with another, when they matter to us. Then when we recognize that anything that we do matters, we learn that it is sacred because of our choices. “Everything we touch, we change for the better.” Then we are awakened to the consciousness that we are connected to everything and everyone in a Universal way. All Life. 

As people continue to respond to my teachings, counseling and services with erections wetness hardness and happiness, I am here. As women start to look at their pussies, start to enjoy having sex again and learn how to have orgasms evolve into knowing that they are goddess, I am here. As people come to holy body naked church to merge in community, holy body puja and clothing optional retreats. I am here. And as I continue to live my life out loud and dance naked, anoint my holy body, kiss my husbands lingam, I manifest an amazing life here on earth, I am here. 

So, I hope you can see my explicit erotic ministry has a purpose, as a way to be an example to say sex is not bad, sex is not sinful, you don’t have to be afraid and god still loves you. Truth will demonstrate in your life, what works for you. I am who I want to be and I continue to grow in that everyday! 

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