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Sex Magic

Sex Magic Consciousness ~ Sex magic has been practiced for hundreds and hundreds of years. As we continue to evolve and come back to the power of sex as a life spiritual force we continue to discover that the real power of sex magic rituals begin after the orgasm/ejaculation. Sex magic can heal you. The journey of planning creating and doing a sex magic ritual is really a personal practice. It’s self love at its most divine. The sex act in and of itself is the act of oneness and creation. You can do it alone, with another person or even in a group. 

When we bring it to the level to manifest, we are actualizing the sex from our dense matter/flesh body into material form in this reality. There’s so much going on here that it can blow our minds. So for now, just trust the process and allow yourself to believe that you really do have this ability because you were born through it. We are all Born blessed and given everything we need to manifest our divine birthright of prosperity on earth. 

When I discovered that this was an actual thing over 30 years ago, I was excited because deep within, I always knew there was much more to sex than just the physical act. I could always feel that something else was happening each and every time I had an orgasm. I just didn’t know what it was. 

There is a very deep connection within us all to all that exists, all life. You can feel it if you let yourself be still within the orgasm after sex. The particles that explode when we ejaculate create a field of energy that expands our energy bodies and shake up our chakras for 11 minutes and then come back into oneness with our physical form and create what we think about. The orgasm is the fuel tank and your consciousness is how you keep the tank in continuous orgasm to manifest. 

We suppress our consciousness from awakening to this true knowledge because we have been manipulated and programed to separate our sex from spirit and from other humans. Sex magic is our path back to awakening.

And So It Is…….

Goddess Blessings ~ RGC 

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