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Check out this Video by Bruce Lipton

This Video by Bruce Lipton really expresses how I’ve been able to discover these “Realms” and why the Journey process is so powerful. I have always been a deep spiritual person. I learned very young how to tap into the universe from within. It didn’t stop the negatives of my life at that time, because I was so young and easily manipulated by those I trusted. However, I never gave up on myself. I have been removing old negative programming and thoughts that no longer serve me for years through amazing techniques and trainings I discovered, (Reiki, Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Reiki, Psychic Development, Tantra, Interfaith Seminary) and would be led to learn. I read and studied a lot by Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, OSHO aka Rajneesh and The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. Then Evolving into Goddess Consciousness was a major life altering choice and calling. Getting to that place of Initiation was not easy, yet it was the path that continued to lead me to be in alignment with who I Am and what and who I wanted to BE! Then in 2013, I stepped into Energetic Shamanism Training, aka The Path Of The Sexual Shaman aka The Energy Training: A Rainbow Body Empowerment, achieving all levels of development, taught by Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

Now I am in an amazing place energetically with the ability to instantaneously and continuously merge into oneness with All Life, and aligning my as Above (Consciousness) and Below (Subconsciousness) to consistently guide others to the Realms through the Journeys.

This Video will give you clear deep understanding and show you the true power of our brains to increase our abilities to live our Divine Birthright Of Prosperity on Earth.

And So It Is ….

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