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EROTIC ~ Expanding Radiance Outwardly Through Inner Cultivation




Expanding Radiance Outwardly Through Inner Cultivation

When it was time for us as young ladies to learn more about our erotic nature and how to use it in the world, we became shamed. We were blamed for the inability of men to control their own dysfunctional desires. Because of the misuse and abuse of sexual power, women were made to feel that sex, and most importantly “their sexual” nature was BAD, CURSED, DEMONIC! 

We were shut down and those of us that figured out that this was wrong and unhealthy for us, began to express our erotic nature and cultivate it and show it more. This created lots of anger from men and the terms Whore, Cunt, Slut, Loose, became household names for the Erotic Woman. 

Women still struggle to expand their erotic nature and now in this time, all women are taking back their power, so we can finally rise together. 

Let your smile shine.

Swing your hips.

Touch the face of that person you want to send love too.

Let the sound of your voice cause the heartbeat to pounce.

It’s all part of our Erotic Nature and cultivating it allows for specific natural abilities to emerge. 

Expanding Radiance Outwardly Through Inner Cultivation (EROTIC) is your Erotic essence, and now you can reawaken your natural eros with me. 

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