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Interview With The Goddess ~ from The Esoteric Guide to New York by Scott Harney

Reverend Goddess Charmaine has made it her life mission to reconcile sex and spirituality through tantra. “I believe that our body is a holy temple and our sexual energy is our life force,” says Charmaine, who conducts workshops and one-on-one tantric healing sessions.

Charmaine is also an initiated “goddess,” which she says has become her everyday consciousness. Charmaine has not always manifested the goddess consciousness, however. At one time, she was “overweight, very negative and in an abusive relationship.” She says that she hit rock-bottom one day when her ex-husband had beaten her up and she was getting ready to bail him out of jail, yet again.

“I remember looking into the mirror and wondering if I should try to cover the bruises on my neck,” she says. “I looked into my eyes and I finally saw my true self – I saw infinity, the endless me.” From that day on, her life changed. “I got my ex-husband out of my life and began to empower myself.” Her spiritual journey had begun. She began exercising, reading self-help books, eating better and transforming the way she thought. Then she read the book that changed her life. It was The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by Margo Anand. “For the first time, I realized how to bring consciousness into sex,” she says.

Her passion was re-awakened. A series of coincidences led to work at a sexual surrogate’s office, where she began intensive study in sexual therapy. She also ended up studying directly with Anand in both in New York and in California. “Tantra is about honoring your partner’s body and spirit,” says Charmaine. “Physical love is only about fulfilling needs.”

As a child, Charmaine had developed the ability to see aura and to tell the future. With her initiation into tantra, Charmaine says that her psychic abilities have returned. “When I touch someone’s body now I can read their sexual energy,” she says. “I know if someone has a sexual block and what the origin of the block is.” Charmaine also noticed something else, as well. And other people did too. The goddess had descended on her.

Her mentor, Reverend Georges, initiated Charmaine as a Goddess during an elaborate ceremony at the Source of Life Center in Chelsea. Charmaine says that she wants to share tantric healing with all people, not just those in the New Age community who understand tantra. “I want to be able to heal everyone – from the professional to the blue collar worker,” she says.

Many people come to Charmaine for sexual issues – impotence, inability to find a mate and performance issues. But many others come for empowerment and a celebration of their own life energy. “People are all hung up about sexually transmitted diseases, but I am more concerned about spiritually transmitted diseases,” says Charmaine. “Sexual energy is powerful and universal. When we learn how to live with it and not repress it, our lives become transformed.”

Goddess Blessings ~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine

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