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*FOR WOMEN* Mother Daughter Bond & the Divine Feminine

I created this energetic ceremony for a Mother Daughter retreat I presented at. I knew it was going to be powerful so I made sure to record the ritual session. This is a Powerful Mother Daughter Bond energy merge to awaken the goddess divine within for the Mother and Daughter. We are all daughters, and we can all do this ceremony and for those of us that are Mothers to Daughters, even better for us to uplift our daughters through our bond. This is an inner visualization process. Get comfortable, close your eyes and breathe while I guide you! In my guidance, I also participate and I share my Mothers and my Daughters real name. Please be respectful with this information! Mother Daughter Consciousness I wish my Mother saw Me, I wish my Daughter saw Me. I wish to remember the connection to my Mother as a peaceful blessed union. I wish to give my daughter all the best of me and my spirit for her continued life on earth. May the Mother consciousness in me be forever graced by the spirit of Goddess. May the Daughter that I am be freed of past harm and confusion. May my portal to this understanding catapult me beyond regular life. As I relive, examine my lineage, may I also rise in my knowledge of strength and wisdom of our womanly abilities. Your abilities are my abilities My abilities are your abilities It is in this mother daughter consciousness that all women can lift the veil of falseness and break open the wild wise woman in us all. Cries Fear Anger Love Nurturing Compassion Psychic Birth Cook Maid Lover Rage Earth Unite Moon Belly Sex Future Life Death Body Beauty All these abilities are finally understood as we rebirth the bond of Mother and Daughter! Goddess Blessings



This is the recording from Zoom for the Mother & Daughter online Retreat by I Am Living Aligned, I presented at this weekend. This is the Ceremony and the Q&A part at the end. Enjoy. Goddess Blessings

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