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*FOR WOMEN* Mother Daughter Bond & the Divine Feminine

I created this energetic ceremony for a Mother Daughter retreat I presented at. I knew it was going to be powerful so I made sure to record the ritual session. This is a Powerful Mother Daughter Bond energy merge to awaken the goddess divine within for the Mother and Daughter. We are all daughters, and we can all do this ceremony and for those of us that are Mothers to Daughters, even better for us to uplift our daughters through…

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The four thoughts of erotic consciousness

The four thoughts of erotic consciousness Mind Set: The person you choose you should want the best for them. To be in partnership with them if for only a moment to be on the same team. Being right with yourself: Have good eyes for yourself and know that you bring goodness and pleasure with you always. Sensually Satisfied: Being able to open your senses to pleasure and finding new ways to experience pleasure on a regular basis. Sisterhood Brotherhood: Your…

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