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The Holy Body: My Personal Affirmation

I am beautiful and healthy. My body has a glow that shines, and my face is ageless. My smile brightens my face even more and my eyes sparkle and connect deeply to whatever and whomever I choose to see. Darkness and pain are released from others when they look into my eyes and experience peace and happiness.

My breasts are firm and stimulate growth. My belly is sexy with the rhythms of life within me. My hips, butt and thighs are strong and firm, and support my balance on the Earth Mother. I am healthy and whole, and my womb is perfect, functioning on Divine Time for sexual and spiritual enlightenment. My legs and feet are blessed, for they keep me able to go out doing God/Goddess’ perfect will. 

The power is yours! Your body is the Vehicle! 

It has all been given to you! Your divine gift of prosperity is manifested through your sexual/spiritual selves. Through Love! 

We have suffered shame and guilt for two millennia believing sex to be a sin, that sex should never be considered spiritual or sacred. So why is it that married couples must have their “honeymoon?” There are countless rituals to suggest the act of sex is powerful and very much needed, just never openly shared as Divine! 

I am here to support our growth and balance in uniting Sex and Spirit within us all! Goddess Blessings 

Rev. Goddess Charmaine 


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