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Erotic Enlightenment ~Expanded

XXXIII ~ Erotic Enlightenment

I have the wisdom of all ages inside my bones and these bones send vibrations of all existence of life to you earthly beings.

May my orgasm send healing to those that desire it!

~ The Goddess 


I am the first and the last. I am the earth and the sky.

I bring all of your thoughts into reality and therefore

I grant you with the spirit of creation.

All the yonis on the earth plane swell

in joyous union of me! I lift up the cocks for hard pleasure

of the women that allow them to penetrate deeply for the life

energy it exudes.

All life regardless of sexual orientation is gifted with free will

and therefore is afforded with the benefits of Divine Blessing

to manifest genital sexual delights and is compelled

to please those that it honors with their personal body.

You are born to release the orgasmic consciousness of life

through your bodies. I am here to send to you the knowledge

of this power.

Every joyous explosion of your bodies in union with another,

brings longer healthy lives on the earth plane, you call home.

Every shared community that brings others to a 

higher place of living has healed another part of the planet.

Every choice of sexual union made in the name

and the honor of The Goddess brings her consciousness alive!

Therefore go, and gather amongst you, all people that love

for the sake of loving, and being powerful enough to show

their potential to love unconditionally.

I grant you with the understanding of erotic enlightenment.

Follow these tenets and all life will be forever orgasmic!

Goddess Blessings

The Goddess Scrolls ~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine


Erotic Enlightenment ~Expanded

As we continue to grow in our Holy Body Spirit Consciousness we become more and more aware of our connection to All Life through our physical and energy body. Becoming Enlightened starts with the personal revelation that my Body is a Holy Temple, and my Sexual Energy is Life Force. Our sexual energy is connected to anything that we desire, want, treasure or manifest. Our sexual energy is a Universal energy and therefore is not localized only in our genital areas. 

Your Erotic Pleasure, meaning sexual experiences, intercourse, penetration, masturbation, or any way that your arousal, ecstasy is awakened, is the main fuel to rise into an altered state and into a higher understanding of the intense connection to Everything and Everyone. 

We all were created to have pleasure through our flesh and then evolve into the knowledge of the various universal ways that this pleasure expands and Into birthing our children, creating other relationships with friends etc. 

Enlightenment expanded is when you act in knowing that your orgasm ejaculation has a higher purpose than just the pleasure it brings. Enlightenment expanded is when you know that everything you touch changes and your acts become Acts Of Power with the erotic fuel of All Life. You then step into an alignment discernment ability and your normal love making, cooking, working and relationships become sacred even though your functions remain the same. 

So, before enlightenment, we suck, fuck, lick and love. After enlightenment, we suck, fuck, lick and love, and we Know that this will enhance every area of our lives! Because we are connected to All Life and our Sexual energy is the fuel that expands that ability. 

And So It Is …….. 

~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine

The Sensuous Mystic

The Pussy In The Sky Goddess 


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