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Calling In Your Beloved through Sex Magic

BELOVED is a universal concept that we all believe has to do with the other person. It’s the union of two that makeup the beloved energetic couple-ship for love and transforma- tion. It actually is the other person that not only helps us to love ourselves deeper. They also are clear mirrors of the very things we hate about ourselves. When you are desiring to create and manifest your Beloved be mindful of the gift of this relationship that the person and universe brings to you. It is an opportunity to grow into the Oneness with all life through your partner. The opportunity to discover and heal yourself in ways that you would not have been able to do alone. The very way you will love your beloved to be- come present to themselves, they will do the same for you. In this magical dimension is where you both will actually FUCK THE “HELL” OUT OF EACH OTHER! So, when you are ready to do your sex magic ritual for your beloved to come to you. Make sure you are open to receive the strength and have the courage to stand in your truth about Love. Because to manifest your Beloved is to BE LOVE!

~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine
The Sensuous Mystic

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