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My Sadhana

My Sadhana ~ Excerpt from ~ The Goddess Scrolls

I stroke and stroke and pump and squeeze as he his shivering and moaning to his destination. I begin rocking my knee bent aroused form with him as I ride his wave with him. We moan loudly together as he is about to give his gift and with the final stroking of his love want he stands strait and stretches his hands up to the full ecstasy of the moon.

“I am of the great body. The great goddess body ~ my loins are with thee.” He yells…..

I drop myself between his legs from behind him and am gifted with his steaming come flowing out of the tip of his temple body and all over mine and on the earth. I am also able to take in some of his gifted come into my wanting mouth as it sprays everywhere and am able to swallow it in prayer.

Witnessing his standing god body in celebration of ecstasy I am enveloped by the hoy. Looking upon her spread out body on mother earth I am pleased by her guidance and worship.

This was My Sadhana.

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