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Hi Everybody,
Some of you may already be aware of the fact that my Vimeo Channel is gone! SMH
I didn’t realize I would receive so many messages and emails from those of you that have contacted me to let me know that you were sad to see that my channel was gone. And how much you appreciate my message and how I deliver it.
It’s because of you all that want to continue to honor and support my ministry that gives me so much hope strength and vision to look for a new platform. I look forward to announcing my new place when I land.
For now, I just wanted to let the rest of you know, if you didn’t already know that Vimeo has shut me down.
And here are just a couple of messages that I have received from YOU that has touched my Heart!
Dear Reverend Goddess,
I was sad to see your Vimeo page is now gone, your videos there were absolute works of art. I hope someday you will have a similar site up, perhaps a subscription site. Your videos were too beautiful to be accessible to the general public, anyway, and any replacement site should be more exclusive, limited to your most ardent fans only, a group which I am most proud to consider myself included.
Regardless, you are one awesome lady, and I will continue to look forward to receiving your newsletters!
I enjoy your concept of uniting sex and spirit, it is indeed new to me and I’ve learned a lot. Maybe Vimeo will have a change of heart but if not then maybe it’s time for you to move on. Any way, I’ve enjoyed your message and I will continue to follow you.
Keep the Faith
Thank you All!!!
Goddess Blessings
Rev. Goddess Charmaine



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