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The Powerful House of Carnal Consciousness

The Powerful House of Carnal Consciousness

You did not take my sense of self away
You released the powerful rage inside me
You did not steal my joy
You unlocked the range and distance of my strength

Oh thank you, you weak selfish form
By your actions, now I may be initiated into full goddess greatness

Oh thank you, for your fear to look into my fiery eyes of change
Allowing me to seep back deep into my own unconsciousness and rescue my true self

A gathering of women abused and violated at all ages and stages of our lives has been formed

Burning away the false womanhood programming encased in our hearts
Releasing in us the knowledge of female carnal wisdom

My eyes, heart and pussy bled and rose from the liquid
The invisible key to the Powerful House of Carnal Consciousness

Where I now reside with all my sisters

We’ve walked this silver road of magnetic confusion for far too long now

Welcome home

Take your worldly wand of human form and begin seeding the earth with this new consciousness

Welcome home

Let it melt away the abused and frightened girl still caged in the old world death camp inside her heart

Welcome home

You did not kill us …

We are not lost …

We initiated women dwell in the Powerful House of Carnal Knowledge where Magdelene, Isis, Oshun

and Arstate reside

As we receive the full inheritence of our true consciousness we will release you all and cleanse you with our radiant presence

We walk among you

And always have

We love you
And we love you still

~ Rev. Goddess Charmaine

~ Sacred Masculine Steve

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