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Meditate Nude with Rev. Goddess ~ Nude Meditation Online

Meditate Nude with Rev. Goddess

Nude Meditation Online


Join Rev Goddess Charmaine in your comfortable, sacred, nude setting and learn Tantra. This is a time to relax and rejuvenate your holy body and spirit.

A time to learn the foundation of tantra and to reconnect with your body-spirit; a time for erotic balance through mastering your energy centers, guided by Rev. Goddess.

The session includes 3 sets of 10 minute Meditation ~ Merge ~ Chants and intending with each set how you want and desire to evolve in your holy body.

We end with a gentle hip roll exercise to connect your sex center

to your heart center for whole-body bliss and Holy Body Lift!

An Affirmation can be created for you for your ongoing use by Rev. Goddess.

“You are Spiritually whole and Sexually Perfect. Your body Knows it and Shows it. And So It Is.”

Give it a try!

On Zoom or Skype

1 Hour $150 prepaid through PayPal

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