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Just writing to convey my highest compliments to your beauty, character, confidence and charisma.

To be honest I was needing orgasmic release and desiring a beautiful woman of color. I saw your video, “Rev Goddess – Pussy In The Sky Goddess,” began the video and you were larger than I typically find appealing. However I do like bald women, your teeth and face are gorgeous, your body is also gorgeous so I leaned back and began stroking myself seeking the much needed release.

The volume on my computer was low and I could not make out what you were saying so I turned it up and restarted the video. As I would move close to releasing my sperm my mind would switch gears into intense observation and intrigue with all that you were saying. To make a long story less long this continued for the duration of the video and I never achieved release but more so a higher sense of awakening and curiosity about YOU in general. It was fascinating.

The only thing I can even remotely compare it to was a summer I spent at a nudist resort when I got out of college. I remember that initially my sexual urges were overwhelming and I kept myself near complete exhaustion constantly from repeatedly having sex. After about a month I experienced a form of liberation, appreciation for being accepted in my natural form for who I truly was as opposed to for what brand clothing I was wearing or how well I coordinate my outfit. Watching you invoked similar feelings but to an even greater degree as it is obvious you are fully accepting of yourself and embrace yourself and your natural beauty.

Typically I am sexuall dominate but do view you as a Goddess because your power comes from your spirit, your mind and your body as opposed to simply mimicking behaviors common to BDSM videos.

My highest compliments. You are beautiful.



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