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Testimonials from Participants of ESM


Testimonials from Participants

I was a participant in the first 2 ESM workshops. If you’re open to some esoteric stuff, I can  recommend it. It is truly a powerful alchemic process. Marc and Charmaine each shared struggles they had faced on their path, and set a great example by truly showing parts of themselves that (for them) marked low points in their life. By this example, they created a safe place for participants to share their current struggles. This by itself is a powerful tool: bringing problems that we usually prefer to keep hidden into the light, is a key step to transformation because we face our problems and can work on it. But what makes the ESM workshop unique, is that by facilitating me to connect to higher realms through creating energetic connections, my soul (or Being, as C&M call it) was empowered to break through limiting patterns I had constructed. In the days that followed, subtle and not so subtle changes, transpersonal insights and synchronicities occurred in the areas of my life that I had discussed in the workshop. I am still experiencing the ongoing effects of these workshops. Thanks, C&M!

Love, S

I’m learning later in my life the very important significance of sex in life. It is not the things we’ve been taught and if you examine it our lives come from it, it seems totally not just when you are born but when you grow and develop as well in life. When I saw this course on energy, sex and money, I jumped at the chance to participate. And it is affordable. I loved the honesty and openness of the hosts. The actual course was amazing. We had a chance to hear the backstory of the hosts and also to hear the participants reaction to the topic Energy, sex and money. I was shocked when I first heard of the idea of sex being connected to money but you all presented It well. I feel like this is in divine order as lately I’ve experienced other spiritual people saying the same. It is still being birthed in my system but I am totally open to receiving more. My life has changed a lot going from corporate work to basically semi self-employed. The meditation was phenomenal. I had visions of a little girl pouring water out of a pitcher and a lion at peace with a big mane and the last thing was two lines from Shelter In the Rain by Stevie Wonder being played over and over again. I would definitely love to take another session in the future.

~ A


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