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90 Days In The Sky

Happy To Announce our 3 Month Anniversary on ThePussyInTheSkyGoddess


Check Out The Site Here

Heres What’s Happening In The Sky

Watch my YouTube Video 😉

We have several Collections with focus on Women, Teachings, Workshops and NEW and these Videos are fun explicit erotic healing and timeless! It is with great pleasure and freedom that I share myself and teach this way to spread my Ministry for those that desire to learn and evolve with me.

Some Videos are:

Pussy Communication 101

I Am My Own Religion

Shiva/Shakti The Ultimate Fantasy

Moon Rituals & Sex Magic

Hypnotic Erotic

Orgasmic Bubble Journey

Have Fun While You Eroticize Your Food

Butt For Love

Healthy Orgasms and Hold Backs for Men

Check Out All Videos Here


Congratulations to us all!


“Great Goddess, please receive us and continue to bless us with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and Healing for Us All”

“We Thank the Spirit Of Truth for being with us Always, for bringing Clarity and Understanding, and the Courage to make the changes needed for the Highest good of us all. Angel, Angel, Angel, And So It Is”

Goddess Blessings

Rev. Goddess Charmaine

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