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The Way Of Holiness Through The Flesh ~ Excerpt from The Sensuous Mystic Book

The Way Of Holiness Through The Flesh

Erotic Empowerment Groups

Erotic empowerment groups offer the participant an opportunity to connect with other individuals on a similar path, i.e., the path of the unification of sex and spirit, in a very practical, sexual way. Although this seems very “New Age,” tantric thinking and practice is actually very old and natural. We, as a species, are not in our truest nature monogamous. This is not to say that a person cannot be in a committed one-on-one sexual relationship. However, our society supports the notion that monogamy is the norm, and any other behavior is unnatural. In fact, it’s the other way around. In order to become truly monogamous, one would need to achieve a state of complete inner balance and harmony with oneself and all that life has to offer. One would then need to understand that sexuality is a consciousness, not a genital preference. Most of the time, people choose monogamous relationships based on genital preference instead of creative compatibility with another being. 

You are one with everything and everyone you choose to share with in this moment. There is no right or wrong in that.

You are an incredible, indestructible spiritual being, sexually whole and perfect. Your body shows it and knows it. With that understanding, one would choose monogamy as a gift, and not because of one’s programming. I share this with you so that you may understand the reason, the purpose and the need for erotic empowerment groups. 



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