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The Sensuous Spirit

The Sensuous Spirit:

The Sensuous Mystic is a consciousness I possess because of my belief that we are created by a power that is both feminine and masculine. I believe that we are created through our sexual energy and physical passions. I also acknowledge that although we have been led astray from our sexual rights and responsibilities, we still need sex in some form or fashion. The fact that we are created by each other implies that we thrive in various ways through and with each other. How is it then that we continue to support separation of any kind? The right to express who we are fully and the right to worship should be treated with respect by others. If we lived our lives with a sensuous consciousness, we would see the Goddess in all things.

“The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Goddess Energy. The vortex of our love is the dance of our Goddess. She is the source of ecstatic utterance. Our groans and our utterances are too deep for words. Our moans and cries are of Eros’ fire.”

I can no longer stomach an idea of separation within my body consciousness. This includes my sexual preference, as well as every other choice I make in this life. By my own common sense it was made clear to me that we must reconstruct the way things are. Sensuality is as essential to us as leavening is to bread. We rise to the occasion of life with a divine love that permeates our world. The sweet nectar of life awaits those who can reach up into the tree and eat!

The development of this consciousness did not come easily for me, even though I knew it was necessary for my future happiness. I grappled with old programming that felt like truth, simply because it had been part of me for so long. That old way of being no longer served me and I needed to become responsible and stop acting like a victim.

I have met so many individuals suffering from the disease called “loyalty to the clan.” They feel guilty for thinking differently. Even though those thoughts made them happy, it caused problems at the same time. Change in someone always comes as a shock to other people around them. My own personal life change came as a shock to me, so you can guess what came up for those closest to me. It’s funny that we always want something exciting and adventurous, but we all start yelling and screaming when the rocks come tumbling down!

I have done some acts of dare-devilry just to show myself that I am courageous. I claim the body the my upbringing and society once tried to take away. I stand naked for the world to see that it’s okay to be me! It’s okay to be you!

~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine (excerpted from the book: The Sensuous Mystic ~ Uniting Sex & Spirit)

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