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In The Spirit of Gratitude

In The Spirit of Gratitude

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,

but the parent of all the others.

~ Cicero

The Grace of Gratitude ~ To be able to receive the blessings of gratitude from others! Allow others to say thank you to you and allow yourself to receive this acknowledgment for what you have given to others and our world!

This is the Grace of Gratitude!

The Power of Gratitude ~ To be humble enough to know that we can always learn from others and receive! To be able to say thank you from your heart and show in thought and deed your thankfulness for what you have to others and our world!

This is the Power of Gratitude!

Universal Law ~ Every Effort to Rise Raises Another! I am here for you and thank you for being here for me!

Gratitude of The Holy Body

And most important!

Allow yourself to say thank you to your Body!

I mean say to yourself Thank you body for being with me all these years!

Your Body is your Holy temple!

Allow yourself to Bless it!

Goddess Blessings

Rev. Goddess Charmaine

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