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Prayer to Raise Goddess Consciousness ~ 2017

A Prayer to Raise Goddess Consciousness

To all on the path of self-discovery, responsibility and enlightenment:

May you at this time hold dear all that you are, and take this moment to bless your body, your work and your Life.

May you continue to grow in your Divine Birthright of Prosperity, and receive the goodness in all areas of your Life.

May all those you come in contact with realize and manifest the Power of Love that is within us all, and learn to use the world as a mirror to see and reflect this beauty back to us.

With all this…may YOU, most precious, positive and sensuous one, know that all that is written here is true. For it is you, dear reader, that recognizes the Goddess consciousness and will continue to evolve into your truest state. Through your acts of cleanliness, beauty and positive sexual union, you create the life of Holiness here on Earth. The Power is yours! Your courage is the way.

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