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The Cleansing

The Cleansing ~ Excerpt from ~ The Goddess Scrolls

“Look into my yoni and smell her! Bring her essence into your nostrils.” And as I do this I breathe in deeply and her pussy smells so sweet to me and I didn’t believe it when my desire began to grow again. I want to taste her and drink her up and I started to lift my head and go for it and then she continued. “As my essence drifts towards you I want you to see the color red in my yoni.” And as I began to focus and I saw red and not just her pink lips wet to touch but red energy coming from her pussy. Then she guided me from one color to another and I saw each one more brilliant than the other.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Purple all flowing from her yoni and it looked inviting to eat and I started to experience my mouth watering and I felt like I was sucking on fruit from the colors and scents that flowed to me and my mouth watered and enjoyed the wet juicy mangos and pomegranate flavors flowing in and from me. Nice!

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