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I AM….because….

I Am Reverend Goddess Charmaine – The Sensuous Mystic
And I Am also a Wife, Mother, Lover and Friend! I came to realize at a very young age that we were programmed to be followers and not just followers but to follow and believe in the idea that we were not enough and that we had to prove ourselves worthy to be happy! This still never allowed us to walk in prosperity! SMH ….. I saw so many people suffering in guilt and shame and as I grew I started to speak up about these falsehoods and I was told that “I” had a demon in me! Double SMH…. it took me gaining the consciousness to stand for myself with my own thoughts about who I Am as a Mother Wife Woman and Goddess embraced all of this! That’s When I realized, that I Am Goddess, then I allowed myself to Live my Life Out LOUD! This living out loud heals me from guilt shame and unworthiness! I only hope to be able to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with! Every Effort to rise raises another! I Am here for you and I thank you for being here for me! Goddess Blessings…

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