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Uniting Sex & Spirit Saved My LIFE

Uniting Sex & Spirit Saved My Life
It’s in my Nature to Desire Personal Love in Myself and with Others. And it’s in my Nature to discover the real love of God.
We all have a natural question. What does this all mean?
For me, I’ve discovered that the answers that provide growth connection and joy are the ones I live by!
Sex and Spirit are the foundation of all human life to evolve! Separate they bring temporary stability.
Merged they create an energetic ability known as Source. This merging is not about how much you pray or have actual sexual intercourse. It’s about Consciousnesses. In that we are aligned. Ultimately We are One with All Life and that truth demonstrates itself in our physical lives as manifesting Our Divine Birthright Of Prosperity on Earth.
Like I said. Uniting Sex & Spirit saved my Life. And So It Is…
– Reverend Goddess Charmaine ✨💚✨

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