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Sex Goddess

As you all know I’ve been planning to present a Sex Goddess Program for awhile now. I’m happy to announce that it’s finally ready!!!!
Clink on the link below for full details. It’s starting in April so be sure to register early. You can reserve your place with a 20% deposit. This program includes online sessions, exclusive Vimeo videos and a weekend retreat with me!

Sex Goddess Program

(This SEX GODDESS Program will be updated to fit an individual or group)

For now this Service is NOT Available


This program is created to teach support heal and expand a persons sexual connection to themselves, to all life (Energy and All Elements) and others. To bring about a unification of awareness that pleasure is powerful. That all people deserve to expand into a life of prosperity through their birthright, and physical expression of erotic love, pure love and universal love! This program will delve into your energetic relationship to sex and how to expand and share it. Your physical relationship to your body, sexual thoughts and relationships, and how to expand and share it. And Ultimately your Sex Magic abilities!

We cannot be afraid to talk about sex. Be open to all sexual experiences, and then choose.

Find out more—-Click link

Sex Goddess Program

Or go to Services Tab and click on Sex Goddess

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