Sex Goddess Program

(This SEX GODDESS Program will be updated to fit an individual or group) For now this Service is NOT Available Intense Explicit Beautiful Healing Powerful Pure and Holy This program is created to support, heal and expand a persons sexual connection to themselves, to all life (Energy and All Elements) and to others. To bring about an awareness that pleasure is powerful. That all people deserve a life of prosperity through the physical expression of erotic love, pure love and universal love! This program will delve into your energetic and physical relationship to sex, your body, your sexual thoughts and your relationships and show you how to expand and share them. And ultimately to empower your Sex Magic abilities! We cannot be afraid to talk about sex and be open to all sexual experiences, and then choose. CourseTopics Forgiveness Meditation/Merging/4 Bodies Sex consciousness as a gift/worship Seduction Unity Body Spirit Consciousness Holy Body Sensate Focus Touch/Massage Lingam worship Yoni worship Self Love Sex Ritual – Goddess Communion Sexual Intercourse – Penetration: Oral & Anal – Energy Orgasm 5 Fold Kiss Scriptures/Quotes Sex Magic Who Am I? Course includes: Sex Goddess Manual 6 Online sessions for everyone 6 Videos online through … Continue reading Sex Goddess Program