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Erotic Transformations

Erotic Transformations 


In the senses of my physical being I smell taste touch see and feel pleasure 

In the senses of my emotional body I cleanse heal and grow in my inner wholeness through my self love 

In the senses of my erotic nature I am one with all as I surrender to the throbbing vibration of arousal within me 

In the senses of all life the elemental nature’s (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) searches through my Be-ing to complete the cycle of Eros, and sips the essence of all life from me as I give my dripping wetness of seed, love, moans as the gift it truly is. 

I Am Erotic

I Am Transformation 

I Am Erotic Transformations for All 

And So It Is 

  • Reverend Goddess Charmaine 

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