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You Are My Religion Rules

You are my religion rules

Merge with all life
What is ALL LIFE

Humans, Animals, Crystals/Rocks Elements
To go higher in frequency is to include all Dimensions

Give focus to what gives you focus
That’s called respect and worship

Know that your responsibilities are your acts of spirituality

Sex is powerful intense energy! Know that who you choose to share it with you all are connected for 6 months after to continue blessing one another on another level. Make sure it’s a rise up and not a pull down into the covered well.

When you know you have not done right by your sexual partner, your kids family or friends. Ask for forgiveness on what it was and reinforce your integrity to them. Or end the relationship and connection. This is true honor and worship process.

Who are the main people you think about everyday? For me it’s my husband, daughter and son. That means they are also my teachers. The others, my family mom brothers cousins etc and friends girlfriends Divas childhood friends are agreements.

Activate your spiritual vibration with your physical and spiritual body bubble. The religion part is the practice. You create your own religion by your ongoing beliefs in your daily weekly monthly practices. It’s very important to trust and believe that every thing you touch you change! And every one you fuck suck kiss and love with your pussy cock merged with your heart, you transform! The divine dwells within and your acts of power will increase your spiritual abilities with your sex intensity.

What’s your community fellowship look like? Get together with like minded people to share in strengthen your spiritual abilities and release what no longer serves.

Make time for ritual sex and always Honor the wham bam thank you “mam” 2 min sex. Lol


Holla and Always Goddess Blessings

~ Reverend Goddess Charmaine

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