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Universal Lover

I am one with the Universe.Therefore I am one with you.

My body is planted firmly within her Earthly Realms.

Therefore I am one with you.

The sky stretches to smell my essence and envelopes me into his sky blue clouds.

I am one.

My Dominion spans the world and all creation orgasms for me.

We are one.

My palate drips and moistens my temple into ecstasies only dreamt of by others.

Will you come to know me? Are you present to her calling?

Can you lift into the depth of your greatness and share yourself fully?

I ask only because you are my Universal Lover.


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    nude for yall
    June 1, 2017 at 12:45 am

    Rev Goddess I wish I could lament privately much deeper adoration to you revealing mind body and soul completely standing before you in both my physical and spiritual nudity conveying far more laudable comments gratuitous appreciation and unimpeachable admiration I have for your pastoral sovereignty both as a cradle Catholic and man the conflation of our God given sexual powers and evangelical proclivities have always been a great mystery to me from as early in life my ADHD limited mind can ascertain consequently both have perpetually elicited condemnation and vitriol from both the intolerant left and the moral relativistic or puritanically obsessed right juxtaposed in a most fortuitous manor finding you in my humble opinion the atonement of Christianity not to belabor this narrative nor cum across sacrilegious but quite possibly the next” woman with the moon beneath her feet” as the first miracle at the wedding feast in canna our Lady of perpetual hope told the servants” do as he says” when our savor Jesus Christ reluctantly obeyed his mother knowing it was fixing to change everything stated differently remember the old E F Hutton commercial rich folks can call on financial advisors but Mary is my broker when she talks Jesus listens yes a white alpha male from the deep south can submit to a superlative empowering strong lady of the cloth

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