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The Earthly Realm Journey ~ COMING SOON

The  Journey

How I create the Journey is through my own internal process going to the “Realm” and then I create and pre record a gentle hypnosis script that guides you all through your own internal process to the “Realm” with getting comfortable breathing, to counting you down from 10 to 1 and then intense guided imagery that I actually used to get to the “Realm” myself first. 

The 3 Immersion process is so that you have time to learn how to allow your Conscious Mind to relax and allow your Sub Conscious Mind to awaken. It’s in the Sub Conscious that has all the blue prints of all existence and lifetimes and all dimensions and realms. We need to reawaken into the true power of our abilities through our subconscious to rise into these Realms to do the energetic work that’s needed for us to live a better and more aligned life here on earth. The Conscious Mind is the Creative part, and we use it by guiding it into the power of imagination. With the two working together through the journey script I created you will be able to journey. 

Ongoing energetic group sessions will be available to all who do the 3 Immersion sessions so that you can have access to this journey process ongoing. 

“Every Effort To Rise, Raises Another, I Am Here For You And I Thank You For Being Here For Me.”





COED ~ Everyone can JOIN!

The Earth Realm is where we dwell, live and create our physical existence and share life.

The Earthly Realm houses all life in physical, spiritual and soul consciousness.

The Earths Core is the foundation of our connected Being-ness.

Reawaken and remember how to align and rise completely in our Earthly Realm through vibratory knowingness of all life on earth. Good Bad and Ugly we are all part of this Earth Realm.

Now we can go back and be reborn energetically and in consciousness, and come back to right relationship with the earth being, ourselves, toward others, our world and the universe.




This Video by Bruce Lipton really expresses how I’ve been able to discover these “Realms” and why the Journey process is so powerful. I have been removing old negative programming and thoughts that no longer serve me for years and now I am in an amazing place energetically to consistently guide others to the Realms through the Journeys.


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