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About Me

I Am Me, because being Goddess is my life. It just is. This is not a destination. People are drawn to me because I spark something real inside of them that says Yes to this type of life. I expose the truth about sex love spirituality and  help us all to live a life of freedom and learn the power of choice. I am living Goddess. The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make is to “try” something and not BE what they desire in their lives! And then give up, and then wonder, why not me? I Am the example of the power and importance of ritual, practice and faith! As I’ve overcame dysfunction and victimization in my life, I learned that life and steps to evolve are not temporary. I will always grow because life is always moving. And I Manifest my Divine Birthright Of Prosperity! That’s the promise and personal success of this Life! And So It Is 

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