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The Act of Surrendering to God/Goddess ~ Rev. Goddess Charmaine “The Sensuous Mystic”

I believe my spiritual understanding of anal sex awakened because the level of shame that was released when I allowed myself to be deeply penetrated and paralyzed with pleasure shed light on the power of the body! I began a deeper path of realization once my ass accepted that lovely wand of delight. The pressure, the breathing, the sweating and yes, oh yes, the prayer! Oh, God, Oh God!!!

I know it might not sound so easy to dive into anal sex. But you can! You can allow yourself every heart-wrenching devouring joy there is in your journey of anal sex pleasure. And with that, you can awaken your spirituality and dance on another plane of existence.

First and foremost know! Know that your body was created for pleasure and fun and to manifest your divine birthright of prosperity on earth! Through your ability to intensify your erotic energy, your sex acts will bless your life in more ways than you can imagine!

My journey made me aware of the last bit of shame that was inside my screwed up head because of religion, family and society! Opening my ass for pleasure purged the shit that no longer could keep me in bondage! All those thoughts that plagued me and forced me to believe that I wasn’t pretty enough, that no one could love me, that I was going to hell, that I was crazy flew out of me and I was left with the clean consciousness of pure love. I accepted myself and received the correct information about my original blessing. I AM BORN BLESSED!

What’s most important in the spiritual act of anal sex is the belief that god/goddess is within all living things and as beings in physical form we access the divine within through deep surrender in sexual activity. Sexual energy is life force and anal sex is one of the most powerful acts of love we can share with another. God has given us the gift of our bodies and we all grow and thrive together.

My experience happened by accident but before that glorious moment I did have a past lover that wanted to try anal sex, but neither one of us knew how to get that cock into my ass without clumsy pain and I stopped him in his tracks. Wonderful to learn that there are so many ways to enjoy anal play. With your fingers (butterfly rub) or with your tongue (butterfly kiss) and to enjoy the exchange of pleasure that men and women can share. Women, we can penetrate our male lovers as well and allow them passage into our portal.

Butterfly Kiss, Butterfly Rub, Penetration and Orgasm all happens because of that one act: Surrender.

One of my most powerful moments was realizing I could penetrate and even better I could strap it on! I love expanding my body and mind and I soon discovered that my spiritual faith strengthened as well.
You see, we mature and develop through our sexual experiences. Releasing fear and shame and old negative programming leaves you with your original imprint. You are Blessed! This has helped me in so many ways. Please understand that these are all acts of self love and honoring the divine within yourself and the other that you choose to share this sacred act with.

Anal sex can be painful. So set intention and vibration to make your space sacred. Like, know from within yourself that you choose to do this for pleasure and to bring more joy into your life. Maybe even light candles and burn sage and light incense. Share yourself with someone with whom you feel safe, aroused and that you trust. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil for finger and tongue play in that beautiful wanting ass. However, when you are ready to get deeper and deeper with the dick or with your strap on, use Astro Glide gel. It’s much thicker and will help to glide that thick wand of light inside much smoother. I did a lot of reading and watching videos once I stepped into this reality and I’ve enjoyed my education and process so much! It was and continues to be a blessing in my life.

This is an excerpt from a story in my book. The Goddess Scrolls ~ Sacred Erotic Tales

Anal Portal Power ~

(“She spreads my ass cheeks apart and blows into my asshole. I shiver in response and waves explode throughout my body. Then it begins, her touching my spot. My Sacred Spot. And she rubs me there! In circles as her oiled finger glides around and up and down she rubs and generates sensations not able to be explained in my ass. The folds of skin at my asshole flip and squeeze into tingles of delight. I start to see light behind the blindfold and deep in my minds eye. Light of different shades and color as my spot is rubbed into openness. she blows into my opening again and now I feel her wave all the way at the top of my head. I shiver and exhale as my ass wants to pop up in the air and receive more. You must surrender yourself to me fully, Goddess commands! Let me enter! Enter me Goddess, I agree!”)

Trust yourself, if you are thinking about diving into anal play, now is the time. If you have already enjoyed the nectar of anal intercourse then perhaps think about it from the spiritual emotional healing place. Either way, you are always blessed!

“You are Spiritually whole, and Sexually perfect! Your Body knows it and shows it! And So It Is……..Goddess Blessings ~ Rev. Goddess Charmaine

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    Cristian Mirabelli
    November 3, 2016 at 6:50 pm

    Hi Goddess Charmaine
    When you talk about get arousal and naked , I feel jerking off even on Anal sex subject
    What could be? I enjoying watch your educational sexual videos
    When you are online such webinars?



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    Rev. Goddess Charmaine
    December 6, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    Thank you, Goddess Blessings

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