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Yoni Worship

Yoni Worship The gift of Yoni Worship is for the worshiper to be able to have an opportunity to honor the yoni, and in that honor, receive the Divine Feminine Consciousness and have that become part of their own frequency. This occurs each and every time you worship. To become a true Yoni Worshiper, it is best to do this for the first few times without incorporating intercourse.  Slide your lingam gently inside the yoni, inch by inch until you…

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Holy Body “Naked Church” Worship

Holy Body Worship, lovingly called “Naked Church” is a clothing optional worship service led by Rev. Goddess Charmaine.     Holy Body Worship is an Interfaith spiritual service that celebrates the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship through honoring and acknowledging the body as a temple and recognizing it as the vessel our soul chose for incarnation. The option of being naked or sky-clad during Service is used to further the expression of reverence and celebration of…

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