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I Release  I release and dissolve all abuse rape and separation.  I release and dissolve hate weakness and murder. I release and dissolve pain suffering and ignorance.  I release and dissolve slavery oppression and poverty.  I release and dissolve fear lies and abandonment. I release and dissolve illness corruption and decay. I release and dissolve evil demons and worthlessness. I am part of the Universal Earthly Temple of Creation! In that Oneness …I release and dissolve, Once and for all,…

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Merging for Healing and Energetic development

Merging for Healing and Energetic development FREE online Zoom session with Rev. Goddess All we truly have is our energetic ability.    Here’s an opportunity to come together with Rev. Goddess Charmaine and develop your 4 energy bodies, unite your sex and spirit centers and merge with all life.  For those who are interested and love energy work, I will teach you how to develop your energy bodies and merge. This ability is essential for bringing yourself into alignment with…

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