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Divine Feminine Realm ~ The Journey For Men energetic development group

Free Session for all men that have done the 3 Immersion sessions to the divine feminine realm!   Men, if you cannot make the FREE group session and you still want to continue your energetic development in the divine feminine realm, you can schedule a private one on one journey session with me.  The cost is $65. Session is 1 hour.  You can prepay for your private journey session $RevGoddessCharmaine Pay The Sensuous Mystic LLC using PayPal.Me Pay The…

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The Divine Feminine Realm ~ The Journey For Men

The Divine Feminine Realm ~ The Journey For Men   Immersion Sessions for men  3 Sessions online on Zoom This is an opportunity for wholeness, female expression, energetic development and to help heal others, the planet and mostly yourself.  We are together for an hour and 15 minutes each. I share knowledge about the anima with you. Then I guide you through a hypnosis visualization to meet your anima and then I guide you to journey to the divine feminine…

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