Holy Body Naked Church ~ Online Worship Service


Holy Body Naked Church, is a clothing optional worship service led by  Rev. Goddess Charmaine. (COED) Online Worship Service Happening on ZOOM $25 per person “Holy Body Naked Church is designed for individuals seeking a shift in life. It is for those who love to be naked and wish to merge that passion with spirituality. The Holy Body Naked Church is open to everyone who is willing to embrace new experiences.  It is for all people, including YOU, reading this NOW!” Holy Body Naked Church is an Interfaith “SkyClad” Clothing Optional worship service that celebrates the intimacy and uniqueness of the body and soul relationship through honoring and acknowledging the body as a temple and recognizing it as the vessel our soul chose for incarnation. The option of being naked or sky-clad during Service is used to further the expression of reverence and celebration of our body soul relationship to Source. Our bodies are miracles, beautiful complex ecosystems, walking art, each unique, holy and a piece of God/Goddess/Source. The ‘clothing optional’ is simply that, optional.  You are never required to be nude during service. It is a matter of choice and truth in the present moment based on how your […]